5 Reasons Why Pisces And Aquarius Don’t Get Along

why pisces and aquarius don't work

You’re a dreamy Pisces looking for love. You meet a quirky Aquarius who seems perfect. They’re super smart, independent, and beautiful in their own way. You dive right in, caught up in the whirlwind romance. But soon, doubts start creeping in.

Your emotional needs aren’t being met. They always seem distracted and detached. You try talking to them, but they just don’t get it. Before you know it, that initial spark fizzles out. As a Pisces, you need a deep emotional and spiritual connection with your partner. An Aquarius just isn’t built to provide that kind of intimacy.

Opposing Elements: Why Water And Air Clash

As opposing elements, water and air just don’t mix. Pisces is a water sign focused on emotions and intuition. Aquarius is an air sign focused on intellectualism and logic.

Pisces are dreamers, idealists who follow their heart. Aquarius are progressive thinkers focused on innovation and rationality. Pisces go with the flow, while Aquarius are all about fast-paced change. See the clash?

Emotionally, Pisces crave intimacy, affection and romance. Aquarius prefer more casual relationships and lots of independence. Pisces want to share everything, Aquarius need their space.

Aquarius love theoretical conversations, constantly challenging old ways of thinking. But Pisces prefer more spiritual or creative discussions and can find Aquarius’s intensity emotionally exhausting. Fundamentally, water and air have little in common.

Different Communication Styles

As a Pisces, you tend to be an intuitive communicator, preferring deep, emotional conversations. An Aquarius, on the other hand, is more detached and intellectual in their communication style. This clash often leads to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

You speak in a flowy, abstract manner, but an Aquarius communicates in a direct, factual way. Your poetic language and metaphors often confuse an Aquarius, and their blunt statements may seem tactless to you. Aquariuses really prefer people who just say what they mean without all the frills. Just straight talk, none of that flowery, dreamy stuff.

Also, you desire reassurance and affection, wanting to hear “I love you” often. An Aquarius shows love through actions more than words. Their lack of sentimentality and sparse compliments can make you feel unappreciated.

Pisces Seek Emotional Intimacy While Aquarius Values Independence

As an astrological fish, you crave deep emotional connections and bonding with your partner. You want to share your feelings, be vulnerable, and become one. Aquarius, on the other hand, values independence and autonomy. They need space and freedom in a relationship. This difference often causes tension.

Aquarius may see you as too needy or clingy, while you view them as aloof or detached. You want long, meaningful conversations, lots of quality time together, and physical affection. Aquarius prefers more casual interactions, separate interests, and occasional alone time. They feel suffocated by too much togetherness.

Your signs have opposing needs, so finding the right balance of closeness and independence is key. Make sure to give Aquarius their space when they want it. Pursue your own hobbies and friendships as well. When you do connect, express your feelings but avoid being overly emotional. Aquarius responds better to calm, logical discussions. Compromise by setting aside time for intimacy and also doing your own thing.

If you’re unable to reconcile these differences, the relationship may ultimately end due to unmet needs and frustration on both sides. The emotional Pisces and independent Aquarius can be a challenging match. With work, communication, and compromise, though, some pairs are able to make it work.

Slow Water vs. Fast Air

Pisces, you’re all about that peaceful life. Keeping things low-key and going with the flow is your vibe. Stability and comfort are important to you. And who can blame you – you’re such a sensitive soul. All that excitement and change would be way too much for your delicate senses.

Aquarius, you couldn’t be more different. You’re always looking for your next thrill. Trying new things and pushing boundaries is what gets your motor running. An unpredictable life is the only life for you. And God forbid anyone tries to restrict your freedom or make things boring.

Sitting still just isn’t your style – you need constant stimulation. There’s always a new project or cause capturing your interest. But here’s the thing – all that restlessness isn’t gonna mix well with a Pisces long-term. You’ll be itching to break free from their need for tranquility. And they’ll be exhausted by your non-stop quest for activity. This mismatch is just asking for problems down the road.

Open- vs. Closed-Mindedness

Pisces, you probably like your routines and being comfortable. Nothing wrong with that! Aquarians, on the other hand, love trying new stuff. They’re always exploring different ideas and looking for unusual solutions.

An Aquarius will definitely want to shake things up sometimes. They’ll be like “hey babe, let’s try swimming with sharks this weekend!” or “I found this cool art exhibit across town, wanna check it out?”. They’ll also want to take risks and travel all over and talk about controversial topics.

Now I get that could make a Pisces like you feel unsettled. You just want some stability, you know? Over time, an Aquarius’s curiosity and need for new experiences might start bugging you. You’ll be thinking, “God, do they ever want just to sit down and relax? We’re so different!”.

And really, an Aquarius values freedom a lot, while you Pisces folks need security. That’s why Pisces and Aquarius don’t work. That clash between being open and closed could cause some major problems long term. It’s probably tough to make that dynamic work out between those two signs.

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