The Dark Side of Venus in Gemini – Negative Traits & Secrets

Venus represents love, beauty, relationships, pleasure, and money. It is the planet that governs what we find beautiful or attractive and how we express our love – be it through physical touch, words, or actions.

Unlike the Sun, which changes signs every month (which is why we have 12 zodiac signs, one per month), Venus changes signs every 4 to 5 weeks. This means that not only Gemini but also Aries or Taurus can have Venus in Gemini.

dark side of venus in gemini

Venus in Gemini Characteristics

People with Venus in Gemini are known for being quite the communicators when it comes to love. They’re incredibly charming and charismatic, and they love to express themselves through words.

After all, Gemini is the sign of communication, and combined with the planet of love and beauty; you get a person who can literally fall in love with words or who requires communication in a relationship like no other.

Gemini is the sign of youth, so Venus in Gemini people have a youthful appearance and voice, regardless of their age. People would have a hard time guessing their age by looking at them.

Since Gemini also rules travel, Venus in Gemini people can be in a relationship with someone who lives far away or has roots in another country and culture. That being said, these people require communication, so a long-distance relationship is not a problem for them as long as they communicate with their partner on a daily basis.

Although Geminis are said to be social butterflies and the biggest flirts under the sun, Venus makes them very loyal and sometimes introverted dreamers who want nothing more than honest feelings and all the good things life has to offer.

Let’s take a look at the negative traits of Venus in Gemini!

They are two-faced

People with Venus in Gemini in their birth chart may act differently in different situations and with different people, which can give off the vibe that they’re not being honest or genuine.

Although these people are very adaptable, they may come across as being one way to one person and then act differently with someone else. At times it may even appear as if they are playing for both teams!

They may come across as scattered and unreliable

One of the biggest negative traits of people with Venus in Gemini has to do with their communication style. They tend to be fast-paced, change topics frequently, and find it difficult to stick with one conversation for a long time. This can make them come across as unreliable since they may not be able to follow through with things they promise or be able to give a detailed answer.

This can be because they often have trouble committing to one person or one idea, preferring instead to explore the many possibilities that life has to offer. They can struggle with making decisions and sticking to them, which can leave their relationships feeling a bit unbalanced.

They lose interest quickly

When Venus in Gemini is into you, you’re the only thing on their minds all day and night. But the more often they think about you, dream about you, and visualize both of you together, the less exciting a real relationship is for them.

They may feel that reality is not exciting enough for them, so they look for ways to escape it. Gemini is a sign that loves variety and change, so once something becomes familiar or boring, they’ll start to look for the next exciting thing. This can make it difficult for them to stay focused on one thing (or even a person) for long periods of time.

If you are in a relationship with Venus placed in Gemini and want your relationship to last as long as possible, you need to come up with new ideas, try new things and not let your relationship fall into a stereotype.

They can be manipulative

There’s no secret that these people can be manipulative. They know how to get what they want, and they’re not afraid to use their charm and wit to get it. People with Venus in Gemini are not the type of person to push you hard or perhaps threaten you. Instead, they put on their second mask and play the poor guy.

They know exactly what words to use in a given situation and know what sensitive points to touch to get what they want.

High ideals

People with Venus in Gemini can have high ideals and often dream of the perfect person they’re looking for, but sometimes they never find that person. That being said, they are big dreamers, and most of the time, they think of nothing but a perfect relationship with the perfect person.

They can become so focused on that idea that they end up shutting out any kind of reality in their relationships. This can be especially damaging, as it can lead to people becoming too wrapped up in their own dream and not being open to actual relationships.

People with this astrological placement must learn to distinguish dreams from reality and be open to all possibilities because they never know when and where they will meet their life partner, which will personify their dream ideal.

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