5 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame – What Are Twin Flames & How Do I Know If I Have Met One?

In spiritual circles, you may have heard the term ‘twin flame’. But what does that mean? In short, twin flames are two halves of a whole. They are the perfect match for each other and they complete each other. Twin flames share a deep connection that goes beyond words as they understand each other on a level that is unexplainable.

Though finding your twin flame can be challenging, it’s definitely worth the journey! If you’re wondering if you’ve met your twin flame, there are some definite signs to look for. Let’s take a look at them!

signs you have met your twin flame

An intense sense of familiarity or déjà vu

In life, we all experience moments where we feel an intense sense of familiarity or déjà vu around someone. This phenomenon can often be attributed to our intuition – which is thought to be our sixth sense. However, for some people, the feeling of familiarity goes beyond just a fleeting moment. These people may believe that they have found their twin flame.

If you feel that you have known the person for many years, even though you have just met them, and you cannot explain it in any logical way, it is very possible that it is your twin flame.

Your energies are perfectly in sync

Another unexplained, yet common phenomenon experienced by twin flames is synchronization. You feel the same things and you think the same things. Let’s say at one point you’re thinking of a random thing, like a purple butterfly, and your twin flame says “purple butterfly” before you say anything. Or you want to send them a message, and the moment you want to send it, you will receive a message from them. If this happens once, you might think it was a coincidence and that the person “took the words out of your mouth“. However, with twin flames, this is a very common thing that happens very often, if not every day.

Twin flames often experience synchronicities because they are so in tune with each other. These coincidences can be both small and large, and they serve as confirmation that the two of you are true twin flames.

Same spiritual beliefs and values

Another typical sign of how you know you’ve met your twin flame is the same spiritual beliefs or values. You may believe in the Law of Attraction, and before you say anything about this topic, your twin flame will mention that they believe in the Law of Attraction.

Whether you believe in karma, feng shui, the power of gratitude, or the afterlife, your twin flame will share the same spiritual beliefs. So not only do you think the same things, say the same things, and feel the same things, but you also have the same beliefs and values.

You share same goals in life

My friend, who traveled the world for two years, had a big dream to build a shelter for dogs and cats when she returned home. Her great inspiration was abandoned homeless street animals, but she didn’t know how to start, and that greatly stressed her.

One day, while she was at a wedding party, she met a man with whom she spoke. Without saying anything, he told her that it was his dream to build an animal shelter. She didn’t tell him about her dream at first, but she felt a very strong and indescribable spiritual bond from the very beginning. She felt as if she were looking in a mirror, at herself, but it was someone else.

As she saw him more often, she discovered that what was happening between them was indescribable. Not only did they have the same views and beliefs, but also the same dream and a very similar life story. A year and a half later, they built an animal shelter together.

Twin flames have the same interests and life goals. Mostly, these are goals that benefit them as well as people, animals, or the environment.

You complete each other in ways that no one else can

In the spiritual sense, twin flames complete each other and are able to fill in the gaps that exist within each other. They often find one another after spending many lifetimes apart, and when they finally come together, they help each other heal old wounds and awaken to their highest potential.

If you’ve met someone you feel whole with or as if you’ve found a missing puzzle piece, you’ve most likely found your twin flame.

Final words

When you meet a twin flame, it’s not about meeting another person; rather, it’s about meeting a piece of yourself – your soul. If this is your case, hold on to them tightly, because they are truly a gift from the universe! If you enjoyed this post, please do consider sharing it with your friends (or a twin flame!)

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