5 Smart Feng Shui Tips For Getting Married Soon

Many people believe that feng shui practices can help attract love and romance into your life. While you should always stay true to yourself and focus on developing healthy relationships, simple feng shui adjustments can make your home more conducive to attracting a partner.

Here are 5 easy feng shui tips you can implement to help support finding your future spouse:

Clear Clutter And Create Space For A Partner

The first step is clearing out clutter and creating space for your future spouse. Go room by room and remove anything you haven’t used in a while. Have a garage sale or donate those unused items to charity – it’ll feel so good to declutter your closets and living areas.

Once you’ve gotten rid of excess stuff, take a look at your storage solutions. With two people living there now, you’ll need room for both of your clothes and possessions. If space is tight, don’t worry – there are handy ways to maximize what you have.

Under-bed drawers can expand your bedroom storage without taking up extra floor space. Vertical shelving is great for tightly packed closets. Multi-purpose furniture, like an ottoman that opens to reveal extra storage, keeps things neat.

Even small changes, like using both pillows on the bed instead of one and leaving an empty shelf in the closet for their things, will make the place feel more welcoming and shared. The goal is to work together to make the most of the space you have. A little decluttering and organizing goes a long way in preparing your home for your new life as a married couple.

Position Your Bed to Attract Relationship Energy

Place your bed in the farthest position from the doorway, ideally diagonally across from the door. This allows you to see who enters the room and signifies you’re in a position of strength.

Also, have a solid headboard, preferably made of wood or metal. The idea here is that a sturdy headboard provides a sense of support. As opposed to a bed with no headboard or just a flimsy metal frame, a strong headboard might make the bed feel more substantial and comforting.

Most importantly, keep the space under the bed clear of boxes, shoes, books, or other clutter. An open area allows relationship energy to freely circulate around you while sleeping. Although a bit unconventional, the intent seems to be enabling positive energy flow and connection.

Add Soothing Water Elements

Adding soothing water elements to your home is such a simple way to bring some good vibes and invite love, according to feng shui. Just the sound of water trickling can help you relax and feel calm. And it’s also supposed to help the chi, or life energy, flow smoothly through your space.

I’d recommend getting a little tabletop fountain made with some nice natural stones. Put it in the living room or by the front door where you can hear it. The trickling water makes such a peaceful backdrop, perfect for centering your mind when you need to decompress. It’s amazing how something so small can set such a serene tone in your home. You’ll feel recharged in no time!

You might also consider:

  • Adding an aquarium with fish in an area where you spend a lot of time like the living room or bedroom. The aquatic life and bubbling filter or air pump emit positive energy.
  • Placing decorative bowls filled with natural stones, crystals and water throughout your home. The standing water, even when still, helps generate balancing yin energy.
  • Hanging a mobile with metal droplets or shapes over areas where chi flow seems blocked. The moving metal interacts with the water element to keep energy circulating.

Hang A Heart-Shaped Ornament or Windchime

Hang a heart-shaped ornament or windchime in the relationship corner of your home. In feng shui, the relationship corner is the far right corner of your home. Hanging something heart-shaped, like a decorative ornament or windchime, activates positive energy in that area and shows your home you’re open to a new love!

The heart is such a perfect symbol because it represents care, affection, and intimacy. Whether it’s a cute little heart-shaped decoration or a windchime that softly plays music with each breeze, the presence of a heart elevates the positive energy around relationships. I can just picture a delicate windchime with interlocking hearts that provides a soothing, romantic ambiance. What a peaceful way to fill that space with feelings of love!

When placing your heart symbol, be sure it’s in clear view and can move freely. Right about eye level is the ideal height. That way, you’ll see it each day and be reminded to keep your heart open to new possibilities.

feng shui flowers

Add More Plants And Flowers

Adding living plants and fresh flowers is one of the simplest ways to boost the energy in your home and attract love. Place several plants or a small flower arrangement near your front entrance. Not only will they make a great first impression on visitors, but according to feng shui principles, the front of your home represents how you interact with the outside world. Adding life there signifies new beginnings and growth.

In your bedroom, have live plants, fresh-cut flowers, or both. Your bedroom represents your love life, so filling it with living plants and the vibrant energy of flowers will help to attract a husband or a loving relationship. Their bright colors and sweet scents create a warm, sensual vibe perfect for romance. Some ideal bedroom plants for love and relationships include:

  • Rosemary, which signifies remembrance
  • Lavender, which calms tension and promotes harmony
  • Jasmine, which has a lovely fragrance and signifies attachment

Ready To Invite Love?

The space where you spend your time should feel inviting and full of life. Fill it up with gorgeous plants – they add so much natural beauty. Fresh cut flowers are also a lovely touch that says “I care”. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some heart-shaped décor too, like candles or wind chimes. It’s the little details that create an atmosphere.

And make sure to leave room for that special someone. Designate extra space in your closet so they have areas for their clothes and belongings. Leaving an empty side of the bed by adding an extra pillow is another sweet gesture that says “this space is for you”. Your environment is a reflection of your heart. Filling it with greenery, flowers, and heartfelt touches tells anyone who visits that love is what you want to cultivate.

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