8 Tips For Arranging Your Feng Shui Living Room

If you want to have a well-balanced and positively energized feng shui living room, you came to the right place.

In this article, we will look at how to arrange a living room according to the ancient Chinese teaching of feng shui; we will talk about what is appropriate or inappropriate to place there and what elements are important to pay attention to.

feng shui living room

#1 Start With Space Clearing

Space clearing is an essential step for creating good feng shui. Clearing the space of your living room is even more important because it is one of the public areas of your home. You can choose from various place clearing techniques, such as diffusing essential oils, smudging, or chimes.

#2 Use The Bagua

You can also try overlaying the Bagua energy map on your home to see exactly which of the 9 areas best corresponds to the living room location. After this, you can use all the qualities of this specific area for enhancing the feng shui of the living room.

#3 Pay Attention To The Balance Of Five Elements

The five elements are the Taoist system that uses the cycles of nature to inform and balance our health and well-being. Those five elements are water, fire, wood, earth, and metal. A simple way for bringing good feng shui into the living room is to try including something from every one of those elements in your space.

You can use the following overview of those five elements by using shape and color:

  • Wood is green, blue colors, as well as rectangular, columnar shapes.
  • Fire is red colors, fiery, and triangular shapes.
  • Earth is orange, yellow, and earthly brown colors as well as flat, square shapes.
  • Metal is gray, metallic, and white colors as well as spherical, round shapes.
  • Water is dark blue, black colors, as well as curvy, wavy shapes.

#4 Declutter Stuff

One of the most prominent characteristics of our modern times is that most of us have too much stuff accumulated in our own spaces. And the clutter in our home can stress and overwhelm us even more. So pay attention to how you feel. You will know if your living room requires decluttering or not. Also, keep in mind that not every corner has to be filled up.

#5 Fill Your Living Room With Plants

Living, beautiful green plants can bring life energy into the living room. It’s a simple way to bring good feng shui into the living room. The sofa is often the centerpiece of a living room and sets the tone for all other furniture arrangements. It represents comfort, relaxation, and socializing. Additionally, make sure to provide them with enough space, water, light, and TLC.

#6 Clear Your Living Room

You can try opening up the windows for at least nine minutes. You may already know this, but if you don’t, you should be aware that nine is the most favorable number in feng shui.

Airing it out will allow for any stale and old energy to leave the room and make a place for a new one. Also, don’t forget to clean your windows by using water and vinegar or a non-toxic glass cleaner. Windows are the gateway to your home, and it is crucial to keep them clean. Sufficient light needs to pass through them, so avoid tall flowers on the windowsill or any other light-emitting objects.

#7 Take Careful Consideration Of Your Furniture

Since your living room is a shared space in your home, you need to pay careful attention to how the furniture is arranged. Ensure that there is a comfortable seat for every member of your household or the guests. Everyone in your home space should feel accommodated and welcome.

It is best to arrange your furniture for inviting conversation and interaction, which means to have seating which faces each other. Also, if possible, try to minimize having any person sit with their back while facing the door.

#8 Feng Shui Art

Start by bringing in the five elements or meaningful colors through the image. For instance, a red painting can invoke fire energy for visibility or passion. Additionally, try avoiding art that has some history with you or is emotionally charged. Often homeowners have a certain piece of art that they have many negative feelings about, such as a piece of art of a deceased person or a pet.

Finally, do not hang your art too low because when it is low, the energy is also low, leading to heavy energy or depression. That’s why you need to hang it at an appropriate height for the space and size of the piece.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, by using the tips mentioned above, you will be able to feng shui your living room and create the harmony and balance you need. Good luck!

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