5 Ways To Tell If A Scorpio Man Is Lying – This is How To Tell He’s Not Being Truthful

When it comes to dating, trust is crucial. No matter how much chemistry you have or how amazing your first few dates were, things won’t last if there’s no trust between the two of you. Trust is something that needs to be earned and can take time. After all, anyone — not just Scorpio men — can lie about anything and make up excuses for why they did something or what they said.

There are so many red flags that one should look out for when dating someone new. While some people think lying isn’t a big deal, the truth is that sooner or later everyone gets caught in a lie and it leaves an everlasting mark on a relationship. Some individuals find it difficult to tell if a person is being dishonest or telling the truth. But there are certain clues that can indicate if someone is being deceitful.

The way they speak, their body language, and the kinds of things they say are all indicators of whether or not they’re being truthful. If you’re dating a Scorpio man and have suspicions he might be lying to you, here are 5 ways you can tell.

how to tell when a scorpio man is lying

He Doesn’t Look You In The Eye

This is one of the most obvious signs that a Scorpio is being dishonest. If a Scorpio man is lying to you, he may avoid looking you in the eye for a couple of reasons. It could be that he’s afraid his facial expressions will give him away. People who are lying often feel anxious, and this can cause their eyes to become shifty and nervous. If he looks away when you ask him a direct question, he may be trying to think of a good excuse. If he stares at you but keeps his eyes wide open and doesn’t blink, he could be trying to intimidate you by showing off his boldness and confidence. If he avoids making eye contact, he may be hiding something.

His Body Language Is Closed Off

If a Scorpio man is being dishonest, he may pull away from you when you talk or put more distance between the two of you. When he’s being truthful, a Scorpio man is likely to sit or stand closer to the person he’s talking to. His hands and feet are also likely to be moving more when he’s telling the truth. While lying, he may be using his hands to cover up what he’s really thinking or doing.

If he scoots his chair away from you or crosses his legs to create more distance, he may be putting up a wall between you. If he refuses to make eye contact with you or scrunch up his face, he may be trying to hold back his emotions. When he’s telling the truth, a Scorpio man is likely to have a more open and relaxed body language.

If he’s lying, his body language will give it away. Even if he doesn’t believe it himself, his body knows the truth and his non-verbal communication will show it.

He Tells Different Stories At Different Times

If a Scorpio man has two different stories about the same event, there’s a good chance he’s being dishonest. When people lie, they often tell different stories about the same incidents. This is because they’re trying to make up an excuse that makes sense and sounds believable. Often, they’ll tell a different version of the same story to different people to see which one sticks. If you notice your Scorpio man giving conflicting accounts of the same situation, he may be lying. He may also be trying to cover up something that is bothering him. When he’s being truthful, a Scorpio man will have the same story at all times.

He Keeps Changing The Subject

If a Scorpio man keeps changing the subject when you ask him a direct question, he may be lying. When people are being deceitful, they often attempt to steer the conversation away from their own personal issues. He may also keep bringing up unrelated topics or questions to distract you from his own problems. When someone is being truthful, they aren’t likely to change the subject or bring up irrelevant topics. A Scorpio man who is being honest will be more focused on the present moment and will want to talk about more relevant topics.

He Gives Vague Answers

People who are lying are often overly vague, and they may give you very cryptic answers to your questions. When they’re telling the truth, they’re more likely to give you straightforward answers. When people lie, they often want to cover up their own problems and shortcomings, which can make them feel ashamed. This shame can cause them to give vague and cryptic answers, which are intended to get you to back off. When someone is being truthful, they’ll have no reason to hide from you or to be vague.


If you pay attention to your Scorpio man’s behavior, you should be able to determine if he’s lying to you. If a majority of these signs apply to your relationship, there’s a good chance your partner is being dishonest. Be careful if you suspect a Scorpio man is deceiving you. You don’t want to jump to conclusions, but you also don’t want to be the victim of someone who is trying to deceive you. Scorpio is one of the most secretive and mysterious signs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell when he’s lying to you.

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