Libra Man’s 4 Favorite Body Parts He Loves On Woman

As an air sign known for his appreciation of beauty and balance, your Libra guy definitely has some favorite assets he loves to admire. We’re spilling the tea on the top four body parts a Libra man adores on his lady. From luscious legs to kissable lips, we’ve got the inside scoop on what areas your Libra finds irresistible.

His Love For Balance And Harmony

Libra men are “suckers” for symmetry and harmony. So it’s no wonder that body parts that come in pairs, such as legs, hands, eyes, or lips, are their favorites on a woman.

The way a woman moves with those long legs of hers, or how she talks with those plump lips, or just looks at him with those big green peepers. It’s like instant weakness for the Libra man, melt him right on the spot!

Being the sign of balance, he really likes a lady who’s just right – not too tall, not too short. Someone in the middle of his ideal.

#1: Libra Man Adores A Woman’s Eyes

A Libra man is hopelessly drawn to a woman with beautiful, expressive eyes. There’s something about gazing into the windows of the soul that makes him melt.

Your eyes speak volumes about your personality and mood. When you’re happy, your eyes light up and sparkle. When you’re feeling playful or mischievous, you’ll flash him a wink or give a flirty glance. And when you’re feeling passionate, your eyes will smolder with desire. A single meaningful look can drive him wild and let him know you’re interested.

Libra men prefer eyes that are bright, clear, and symmetrical. Think playful, doe-like eyes, almond-shaped eyes, or mysterious, cat-like eyes with long lashes. Eyes that are windows into your kind, gentle soul. While color is less important, shades of blue, green and hazel are typically most alluring to him.

When talking with this man, meet his gaze directly and hold eye contact for a few seconds. Your eyes can pierce right through to his heart. Drop your gaze coyly when flirting to draw him in, then flash another glance to reel him back. An extended, lingering gaze is a clear signal you’re open to his affection and advances.

#2: A Libra Man Is Drawn To A Woman’s Lips And Smile

A bright, warm smile is irresistible to a Libra man. He is attracted to positivity and charm. When a woman flashes her pearly whites at him, it shows she is friendly, open and approachable. A genuine smile can melt his heart in an instant.

Smiling is also a form of non-verbal communication that intrigues him. He is perceptive and observant, always trying to read between the lines. A smile gives him a glimpse into your emotional state and mood. He wants to know how you’re really feeling and if you seem happy to see him. A smile, especially one directed right at him, makes him feel special and builds his confidence in pursuing you.

Lips and laughter are equally appealing to him. He enjoys clever wit and funny banter. Making you laugh, hearing your laugh, or laughing together are all ways he connects with you. Playfulness and joy are big parts of relationships for them. A shared sense of humor and ability to be silly together bodes very well for your compatibility and chemistry.

So flash that gorgeous grin, bat your eyelashes and laugh at his jokes. A Libra man simply can’t resist a woman with an infectious smile and fun-loving spirit.

#3: A Woman’s Arms Are Irresistible To A Libra Man

He finds a woman’s arms incredibly attractive. He loves how arms look soft, delicate and sensual. When his eyes gaze upon a woman’s bare arms, he imagines holding them, caressing them and feeling their warmth and suppleness. Arms are an intimate and feminine part of a woman’s body that arouses his sensual nature.

Also, the collarbones and shoulders frame a woman’s face and neck in an alluring way. These guys appreciate symmetry and balance, so a woman’s matching, evenly-proportioned shoulders and collar bones attract him. Baring your shoulders and neckline in an elegant way, such as with an off-the-shoulder top, will highlight this beautiful part of a woman’s body that he finds so appealing.

Bare arms are an invitation for a Libra guy to touch, hold, and stroke them. His hands eagerly anticipate making contact with soft, smooth skin and feeling the contours of a woman’s arms. His gentle caresses and tender strokes along the length of a woman’s arms forge an intimate connection and awaken his sensuality. Arms that respond to his touch by wrapping around him in a warm embrace fuel his passion and desire for romance.

#4: Legs That Go On For Days

When it comes to the bottom part of the body, a Libra man has a weakness for long, shapely legs. There’s just something about a woman with legs that seems to go on forever that makes his heart skip a beat. Maybe it’s because Libra is an air sign, so he appreciates things that are light and airy. Long legs epitomize grace and poise.

This man admires elegance, beauty, and balance. Legs that are toned yet feminine, neither too thin nor too curvy, appeal to his sense of esthetic harmony. He considers the legs an extension of a woman’s essence and spirit. To him, a woman with long, gorgeous legs just seems elevated somehow – like she floats instead of walks.

There is also an inherent grace and poise in a woman with lovely long legs. The way she moves captivates him. Whether she’s dancing, walking down the street, or just lounging on the couch, he can’t take his eyes off her legs and the way they flow and bend. Her graceful movements stir his deepest sensual pleasures.

Now You Know How To Charm Him

Sure, all guys are different, but knowing these types of things can help you play up your strengths to get his attention. But remember, it isn’t just about looks. When it comes down to it, Libras want a partner and BFF. Show him you have substance as well as style. If you’re supposed to be together, your bond will grow on its own.

But if you want to kickstart the chemistry, a little leg, hip, and booty action doesn’t hurt. Just make sure you save the lips for when the time is right. With the right balance of brains, body, and heart, you’ll have him head over heels before you know it.

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