6 Reasons To Try Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression is built on the principle of reincarnation and that each soul has preexisted before and will continue to live through multiple lifetimes. Have you ever encountered someone new and felt like you’ve met before? 

This and many other questions can be answered by past life regression therapy. Read through this article to know more about this concept and discover why it’s worth giving it a try. 

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy creates a connection between the past and the present. It gives people a peep into the lives lived before. This method employs hypnotherapy, which takes individuals on a journey through time and grants access to history by recovering memories that have been buried in their subconscious minds. 

During a session, the therapist guides the individual in a hypnotic state through the lane of past life or earlier times. You’ll experience each past life in a deep meditative state. You may see it as a movie playing out on a full screen. 

It could also come as a strong sense of knowing or awareness about a particular event. Often, you’re the primary character in your past life story, and it may bring about strong emotions and sensations. If you wish to learn how to do this therapy yourself, you may try past life regression online courses. 

Past life regression therapy has proven to be an effective way for individuals to experience personal growth and healing. The hypnotherapist doesn’t need to tell you about your past life like in a psychic reading. Instead, they guide you through the path of recollecting and revisiting memories yourself. 

Why Should You Try Past Life Regression Therapy?

The following are ways to know if you need past life regression therapy and why you should try it out.

1. Reconnect With Past Experiences

Past life regression can help you relive past memories and reconnect with them. This may include wonderful experiences with loved ones in the past or insight into details of past events that could be enlightening or informative but would significantly affect the quality of your present life. If you feel the need to go back in time, trying out past life regression may be best for you.

2. Connect Scattered Dots

There may be many things you don’t seem to understand. Some individuals feel unusually attracted to someone. Others find themselves firmly attached or connected to a place. You might find these unusual feelings mysterious and confusing. 

However, some of these mysteries can be uncovered with past life regression. Suppose you have constant unusual feelings about specific people or places. In that case, past life regression therapy may help provide you with some answers and clarifications.

3. Explore Soulmate Experiences

Have you ever wondered why after meeting someone, you felt like you were made for each other? Or did you feel like you had met before? It could be that you were siblings or couples in your past lives. Sometimes, some people just click, and you don’t understand why. 

Past regression therapy helps you explore your past life and see its relationship with your current soulmate experience. This therapy may even help you recognize your soulmate, who may not be far from you.

4. Identify Sources Of Physical Ailments

Some individuals suffer from physical ailments that defy explanation. Sometimes, ailments could be remnants or consequences of past life experiences. As long as the individual is oblivious of this fact, it might be impossible or difficult to heal. 

Past life regression is vital in identifying physical ailments and tracing them back to past life circumstances or experiences. This therapy could also grant you insights into possible solutions to the problem, which could deliver you entirely from the ailment in your current and subsequent lives. 

If you’re confused about the reason behind an illness you’re suffering from, past life regression may give you the answers you seek.

5. Explore Sources Of Unresolved Emotions

Individuals have certain strong feelings or beliefs that affect them. Some have fears that they cannot explain, such as fear of water, fire, and heights. For example, some individuals have flashes of memories when they dive into a swimming pool and feel like drowning. 

Some of these fears, emotions, or beliefs have been unexplainable and cannot be traced to their current lives. These emotions may have been formed and carried from their past experiences into their current lives. Past life regression helps bring clarity into situations like these and allows individuals to manage their emotions better.

6. Learn From Past Experiences

Journeying into the past would help you acknowledge mistakes and appreciate lessons from those experiences. It’s like having a chance to see what you could have done better in the past. Embracing these lessons would enable you to transcend these challenges and enjoy a better quality of living in your current life.

Other Things To Note About Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Not A Voodoo Technique

It’s important to note that this method is not a voodoo technique based on sorcery or anything supernatural. It’s anchored on the core principle that our past affects the present and our present determines the future.

  • Individual Is Fully Aware 

It’s a misconception that an individual in a hypnotic state is not mindful of what’s going on around him. On the contrary, such a person is fully aware of what’s happening. Also, any information shared during the session is bound by a confidentiality clause that therapists abide by.

  • Impossible To Get Stuck In The Past

It’s not possible to get stuck in the past when revisiting past life experiences during a hypnotherapy session. Since the individual is fully aware of what’s happening around him, he has complete control. He can readily stop if he wants to by simply opening his eyes, thereby disrupting the meditative state.

  • No Side Effects

Past life regression therapy has no known side effects but offers several benefits. For one, the state of hypnosis helps provide a relaxed state of mind for the individual.


Your past is closely connected to your present, and your present says a lot about your future. Past life regression therapy helps you resolve patterns of behavior and undesired traits, heal illnesses, reduce fears, and increase your understanding of your life’s purpose. Perhaps the answers you earnestly seek are in your past life.

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