7 Sneaky Ways A Libra Woman Is Testing You (& Your Patience)

libra woman testing you

You’ve been crushing hard on that Libra lady in your life, but it feels like she’s always testing you. She seems to be flirting up a storm, but the next day, she’s giving you the cold shoulder. What’s her deal? Well, that’s just a Libra woman’s m.o.

She needs to know she can trust you before she fully lets down her guard. But have no fear, she’s not playing games just to mess with your head and heart. A Libra woman simply wants to be sure before diving in that you’re really feeling her as much as she’s feeling you.

She Acts More Distant And Aloof

If your Libra lady seems suddenly hard to reach or less engaged, she may be testing your patience. Libra women value closeness in relationships, so if she’s pulling away, she’s probably trying to see how much space you’ll give her before coming after her.

Rather than hounding her with texts or calls, match her aloofness. Stay friendly but give her some distance in return. If she realizes you won’t chase her endlessly, she’ll likely come back around. And when she does, reassure her you care, but that you also respect her need for independence. That balance of togetherness and autonomy is what a Libra woman craves.

She Wants To Know All About Your Past

She’ll ask a lot of questions about your dating history and past relationships. This libra woman is trying to get a sense of your experience and see what she’s getting into. Be honest but keep things light and casual. Mention some casual relationships that ended on good terms, but don’t give too many details.

Keep your responses short and sweet, around 2 to 3 sentences for each question. Don’t ramble or seem defensive. She just wants to make sure you’re emotionally available and not still attached to an ex. Reassure her you’re interested in focusing on the present and building something new.

If she pries for more details or starts comparing herself to your exes, gently remind her that she’s the one you’re interested in now. The past is history – your future together is a clean slate!

She Nitpicks Little Things

When a Libra woman is testing you, she may start to nitpick over small details. Things that never bothered her before will suddenly become issues. Did you leave your wet towel on the floor again? Forget to put the cap back on the toothpaste? Not close a kitchen cabinet all the way? Minor slip-ups and imperfections that she once overlooked will now be pointed out.

Libras value harmony and balance. If she’s calling out little things that are out of order or not quite right, it’s a sign she’s feeling unsettled in the relationship. Don’t get defensive—instead, listen to her feedback and make an effort to address the concerns. Reassure her you want to maintain the same level of care, respect and consideration in the partnership as always.

She Plays Hard To Get

Ever feel like she’s interested one minute, then distant the next? A Libra woman may be testing you to see how you’ll react. She wants to know if you’ll get impatient or come on too strong.

Stay calm and don’t pressure her. Give her some breathing room and let her come to you on her own terms. Show you respect her needs for independence. She’s watching to make sure you can give her freedom when she wants it. If you seem too clingy or controlling, she’ll likely pull away for good.

She Tests Your Sense of Humor

A Libra woman has a fun, lighthearted side and appreciates a man who can match her playfulness. She may tease you or joke around to see if you can take it in stride and toss some witty banter back at her.

Can you make her giggle or get her to crack up laughing? If you show you have a fun, silly side and don’t take yourself too seriously, she’ll be intrigued. However, be careful not to cross the line into hurtful or offensive territory. Keep things light and make her smile to pass her sense of humor test with flying colors.

She Keeps You Waiting

Has your Libra lady been keeping you waiting more often recently? This could be her way of testing your patience and commitment to her. Libra women value punctuality and respect other people’s time. If she’s suddenly always running late to your dates or not showing up when she said she would, it may be her subtle way of seeing how long you’ll wait around for her.

Don’t fall for it. Politely but firmly tell her that while you care about her, your time is also valuable. Explain that if she wants to see you, she needs to make the effort to be on time. A Libra woman will appreciate your directness and strength. Passing this test will show her you’re a confident, self-assured man she can really rely on.

She’s Indecisive About Commitment

When she is interested in you, she may test how committed you are to the relationship by seeming wishy-washy about defining the relationship or hesitant to commit to future plans. She wants to see if you’ll be patient with her process.

Rather than pushing her to make up her mind or give you an answer right away, give her space to weigh the options. Let her know you’re committed to her happiness and will support whatever choice feels right for her. With time and reassurance, her indecisiveness will fade as her trust in you grows.

Will You Pass The Test?

I know, it may seem like a lot to keep track of, but just stay cool and don’t overthink things. She’s not trying to play games, this is just how she figures people out. Pay attention and you’ll notice the signs. Pass her little tests and that balanced beauty will see you’re a good match. But don’t stress too much – she’s looking for chemistry more than anything else.

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