7 Spooky Superstitions About Mirrors In The Bedroom

Superstitions About Mirrors In The Bedroom

You know what they say – mirrors don’t lie. But beyond reflecting your image, some believe they can reflect things about your soul, your relationships, and even your future. While science may not back them up, superstitions around mirrors persist.

Let’s look at 7 superstitious beliefs about mirrors and bedrooms and see if we should heed the warnings or simply appreciate our reflection.

Spiritual Meaning of Mirrors

According to folklore, mirrors reflect your soul. If you look at yourself in the mirror with just candlelight, it lets you see deeper inside or something. Some believe this can reveal spiritual truths or stir intuition. However, others warn that mirrors can invite spirits into our world through these glimpses.

Other legends suggest that mirrors are a gateway for spirits to enter our world. It is said that the souls of the dead can become trapped within mirrors. Ghosts and spirits may use mirrors as portals to manifest in our reality. This is why some advise covering mirrors in a room where someone has recently passed away or even taking them out completely.

Covering Your Mirror During Sleep

There’s an old folklore that says covering your mirrors in the bedroom at night prevents your soul from getting trapped. Sure, it may seem silly, but some people still do it.

The belief is that mirrors can reflect your dreams and trap your soul or spirit while you sleep, preventing your soul’s nightly journey. Covering mirrors is thought to release your soul when you wake.

Some believe that mirrors can act as a portal, allowing spirits of the dead to enter your home. Covering mirrors before bed also prevents spirits from entering through the mirror while you slumber.

For some, an uncovered mirror in the bedroom simply brings bad luck and misfortune. Keeping it covered at night wards off bad luck and ensures a restful sleep.

Mirrors And Infidelity

Some believe that mirrors in the bedroom can reflect the energy of anyone else who has been intimate in that space—even from previous owners or tenants. According to this superstition, the mirrors may reflect the energy of past lovers, inviting their presence into your relationship.

To avoid this, some recommend covering or removing mirrors in the bedroom altogether, especially those facing the bed. Another solution is to cleanse the mirrors with sage or other protective plants. Burns them and wafts the smoke all around the mirror. You can then re-consecrate the mirrors with your own intentions for your relationship by gazing into them while focusing positive thoughts about your connection.

Some also believe that mirrors facing the bed during intimate moments can reflect your energy outwards, weakening your aura and making you more susceptible to psychic attack or manipulation. Pointing mirrors away from the bed or covering them during these times is thought to help contain your energy within the space.

Mirrors Capture Souls

According to spiritual beliefs, mirrors can capture your soul. The reflection you see in the mirror contains your soul or life essence. Staring too long at a mirror, especially in dim lighting, allows your soul to become trapped inside the mirror.

Some say that if a person dies in a room with a mirror, their soul can become trapped inside the mirror. To prevent this, mirrors are often covered when someone dies. In some cultures, mirrors are also covered during sleep to prevent the soul from wandering.

To release a trapped soul, the mirror must be broken. However, breaking a mirror risks bringing seven years of bad luck, according to another popular superstition. A safer option is to cover the mirror for seven years until the soul is released and the bad luck period ends.

Mirrors Magnify Problems In A Relationship

Another superstition claims that having mirrors in the bedroom can magnify existing relationship problems. If there is tension or lack of intimacy between you and your partner, the mirrors may highlight this disconnect and make the issues seem even larger. The reflection of your unhappiness or discontent can be a constant reminder of the relationship’s imperfections.

Similarly, if there are unresolved feelings of resentment or hurt in the relationship, the mirrors may reflect these negative emotions back at you. Seeing your partner’s reflection during moments of anger or sadness can make these feelings feel more intense and inescapable. The mirrors end up projecting the unhealthy parts of your relationship that you’d rather not confront.

Removing mirrors from the bedroom or covering them during intimate times may help alleviate relationship tensions or create more privacy. But the real issues are likely deeper, so also consider opening up honest communication with your partner to work through challenges together.

Seeing A Ghost In The Mirror At Night

Have you ever glanced in the mirror late at night and thought you saw something move in the reflection that wasn’t really there? No, you are not crazy. Many believe seeing strange shapes, figures, or faces in the mirror, especially in near darkness, could be a ghost or spirit. This superstition dates back centuries and continues today in many folklore.

According to legend, mirrors are portals between the physical and spiritual worlds. At night, when the veil between realms is thinnest, apparitions may appear in the mirror or even come through into our world. Many report seeing a strange face peering back at them, only to blink and find it gone. Others tell of spotting a dark, cloaked figure walking behind them in the reflection that vanishes when they spin around.

Breaking A Mirror In The Bedroom

Mirrors are thought to reflect the soul, so breaking one in such an intimate space as the bedroom is considered very unlucky by many. According to superstition, breaking a mirror in your bedroom means seven years of bad luck will follow.

Some believe the broken mirror allows evil spirits to enter your space. The only way to reverse the bad luck is to bury the broken mirror pieces outside under the light of the moon. Others suggest hanging the broken mirror back in its place but facing the wall instead of outwards. This tricks the spirits into thinking the mirror is still intact.

If a mirror breaks by accident in your bedroom, don’t panic. Simply follow the proper disposal methods to avoid bad luck. Pick up all the glass carefully and dispose of the pieces. Make sure to give the area a really thorough cleaning, too, so you get any tiny shards that might be left behind. Place a mirror cover or board over the empty spot in case any tiny fragments were missed.

Take extra precautions for the next seven years, but don’t become paranoid. Superstitions can be fun, but there’s no real evidence that broken mirrors actually cause bad luck. Your attitude and choices in life have a much bigger impact on your fortune and destiny.

Mirror Facing The Bed

Many cultures and even feng shui specialists advise against having a mirror directly facing your bed. The superstition is that during sleep, your soul can become trapped or disturbed in the reflection. Some think that the mirror may reflect negative energy and restlessness.

Others believe that a mirror facing bed in the bedroom can cause insomnia or restless sleep. The reflection is thought to constantly catch your eye or make you feel like someone is watching you. This can make it difficult to relax into a deep slumber.

If a mirror is facing your bed, try covering it with a sheet or turning it around before going to sleep. See if you notice any changes in your sleep quality or if you feel more at ease. You may find that the old superstition holds some truth after all. At the very least, facing a mirror at night likely does little to promote a calming pre-sleep environment or zen bedroom decor.

For the best sleep hygiene and most restorative rest, make sure your bedroom is as dark, quiet, and distraction-free as possible. A mirror directly across from your bed may not physically trap your soul, but its reflection can certainly prove mentally stimulating when you’re trying to unwind at the end of the day.

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