Feng Shui Bedroom: Bed Placement Rules & Tips

Do you have trouble falling asleep or suffer from nightmares? Do you know what direction your bed is heading? If it is the Northeast, feng shui specialists would not be too excited because it’s the worst direction your bed and head can be headed to.

feng shui bedroom

How do you know which direction your bed and head are heading for and what direction is best for you?

The Chinese teaching of feng shui attempts to establish harmony in space and allow the uninterrupted flow of energy. If you have trouble sleeping or have unpleasant dreams, and you don’t know what to change, we may advise you to change the direction of your bed. Feng-shui teaches that the placement of the bed itself has a huge impact on the quality of sleep.

If you have ever slept at a hotel or at your friend’s home and felt fresh after a short sleep or slept better than in your own bed, you probably slept in a bed that was properly directed.

How to place your bed according to Feng Shui?

Head to the East: A great orientation for younger people, ideal for the growth of children. The East promotes professional growth and success, wisdom and brighter thinking.

Head to the North: This direction solves insomnia, promotes peace and harmony, and is suitable for older people.

Head to the South: This direction promotes passion and “drive”, and is ideal for people who want to gain more confidence.

Head to the West: West direction promotes an improvement in your financial situation and successful business (an ideal direction for business owners who want more new customers).

Head to the Northeast: Inappropriate orientation for sleeping, often you may dream unpleasant dreams or suffer from insomnia. It is the only direction that is not absolutely recommended because it does not bring anything positive. It is believed that this direction draws energy from you.

Head to the Northwest: This is an appropriate orientation for the elderly, which helps to fall asleep quickly and have undisturbed sleep all night long. This direction also brings positive or happy dreams.

Head to the Southeast: Southeast direction promotes communication, personal growth, creativity, and inspiration. It is the ideal direction for artists or other creative people who need inspiration.

Head to the Southwest: Southwest directions can cause loss of energy and lead to depression. It is the second-worst direction after the Northeast. If you find yourself sleeping in that direction, make a change as soon as possible.

More tips for a better sleep according to feng shui

It is also important, according to Feng Shui, to arrange your bedroom properly. The first basic rule is to keep your bedroom clean and without large electronic devices like a computer or television.

Even the flowers are not very recommended in the bedroom. However, if you want to have flowers there, choose green plants with small leaves. If you have a large double bed in your bedroom, make sure the bed should is accessible from both sides.

Too many pictures on the wall are also not ideal, because it creates chaos energy. The bedroom should be your oasis of peace and tranquility, not a place that looks chaotic and doesn’t give you any energy.

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