Feng Shui Bedroom: Bed Placement Rules & Directions

Are you having trouble falling asleep or getting nightmares a lot? Do you know which way your bed is facing? If it’s facing northeast, the feng shui experts would not be happy about that – that’s the worst direction you want your bed and your head pointing toward.

Feng shui has some interesting beliefs about how the positioning of furniture, like your bed, can impact your sleep and overall health. According to feng shui principles, if your bed is placed in the wrong spot in your bedroom, like opposite the door or in a corner, it can actually lead to problems like frequent nightmares or still feeling tired even after sleeping for a long time.

The reasoning behind this is that feng shui considers the flow of chi, or life force energy, in a room. Each area of space corresponds to a different aspect of life, like career, relationships, health, and more. So if your bed blocks or disrupts the natural chi flow that should be occurring while you rest, it can negatively impact that part of your life associated with that area.

However, feng shui also believes that properly aligning your bed with the right area of the room (bagua) can dramatically improve things. When your bed is situated to allow for optimal chi flow during sleep based on feng shui principles, supporters say it not only leads to better quality rest but that you’ll feel more energized, and your overall sense of well-being will increase too.

Best Directions To Sleep In, According To Feng Shui

Head to the East: Heading east can be very beneficial for younger people. The East can help you advance in your career, gain some wisdom, and think more clearly.

Head to the North: This direction can help with insomnia and make you feel more relaxed and peaceful. It’s especially beneficial for older people who have trouble falling sleeping or those dealing with insomnia.

Head to the South: This direction promotes passion and “drive.” South is ideal for people who want to gain more confidence.

Head to the West: West direction promotes an improvement in your financial situation and successful business.

Head to the Northeast: You shouldn’t have your head facing northeast when you sleep. This direction is the only one feng shui specialists really advise against. It can lead to bad dreams or even insomnia because it’s thought to drain your energy.

Head to the Northwest: One of the best positions for older people. Heading Northwest can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly all the way through the night. Plus, you’re more likely to have nice, positive dreams facing that direction.

Head to the Southeast: Southeast direction promotes communication, personal growth, creativity, and inspiration. It is the ideal direction for anyone who’s really artistic or needs motivation for creative projects.

Head to the Southwest: Sleeping with your head facing Southwest isn’t the best idea. It can zap your energy and even make you feel down. Southwest is only beaten by Northeast as the worst direction to rest your head. If you’ve been sleeping that way, you may want to switch it up as soon as you can.

More Tips For A Better Good Night’s Sleep

Incorporate natural elements as much as possible. Replace plastic furniture and synthetic materials with wood, rattan, and bamboo. Opt for wooden shutters instead of plastic blinds. A wooden bed frame and wardrobe will create a more calming environment than plastic.

Choose soothing colors for the walls and bedding. Light blues, greens, and neutral colors like beige and taupe promote relaxation and calm the mind. Avoid bright reds and oranges that can stimulate the brain. Paint the walls a light blue-green hue and use light-colored bedding in neutral tones.

Place a water feature like a fountain. The sound of running or trickling water is proven to help mask other distracting noises and promote sleep. Even a small tabletop fountain can make a difference. The element of water also adds yin energy that balances yang and helps you rest easier.

Avoid mirrors. Feng shui experts don’t recommend putting mirrors in the bedroom. It can cause problems sleeping, like insomnia, or even relationship issues, such as infidelity. The thinking is that mirrors reflect everything, so having one directly across from where you sleep means you’re reflecting the two people in the bed all night long. The constant reflection can also disrupt your energy flow and mental state in a way that makes it harder to relax into a deep sleep.

With these super simple tricks, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that promotes restful sleep and rejuvenation each night. Focus on using natural materials, soothing colors, and the balancing element of water to optimize the positive chi flow in your bedroom.

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