Breaking Through Plateaus: Tips For Overcoming Weight Loss Stalls

On your journey to weight loss and fitness, you may come to a point where you can’t seem to push through a plateau. Plateaus in weight loss and fitness happen, but with the right methods and tips, you can break through them and continue progressing toward your fitness goals. Here are some tips that can help: 

Adjust your diet

When you first started your weight loss journey, you may have tweaked your diet a bit so that you could start seeing results. However, as time goes on, you may want to consider adjusting it even more, especially if you’re considering options like Weight Loss Surgery UK, to help you reach your goals.

While many people may turn to weight loss pills when dealing with fitness plateaus, you want to try to do it through a healthy diet first instead. A nutritionist or dietitian could help you to plan your meals so that you’re creating meals that help you to see results from your time at the gym. At the end of the day, if you need it, speak to your medical provider about added weight loss support that can be paired with your healthy meal plan

Start working out longer

If you started on your weight loss journey from scratch, you may have started small. In fact, this is something suggested by many fitness professionals. And at first, you may have seen results from incorporating exercise into your daily routine. However, as time goes on, you may hit a plateau, especially as your body gets used to your new activity levels. 

For example, your 20-minute run could have had you losing some water weight at the beginning of your fitness journey, but as you progress, you may need to consider extending your run time to 30-40 minutes to continue seeing the kind of weight loss results you’re looking for, for the long term. 

Change up the weights

Weightlifting is helpful for weight loss, even if many people tend to turn to cardio when they want to see the pounds drop off. As you start learning about weights and how to use them to achieve your desired results, you may start by learning how to lift properly. During this time, you will start to see noticeable changes in your body. You could even start to lose some weight. 

However, with weights, as you progress, you’ll need to change things up to break through plateaus that happen when you continue lifting with the same amount of weight. As you get better and stronger, you’ll find the confidence to add more and to continue switching up exercises. 

Don’t forget recovery time

A mistake that a lot of people make when trying to lose weight is to push hard and fast and not take any rest time. However, this is a surefire way to hit a plateau that can be difficult to break through. Recovery is encouraged at any gym you may go to, and there’s a reason for it. 

One, you don’t want to hit burnout with your fitness program, and two, your body needs time to recover so that you can continue seeing progress. Plus, it’s good for your mind and the mental aspect of a fitness journey to take time off. 

Seek help from a trainer

If you’ve been achieving weight loss results through your own fitness plan but you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t quite sure what to do, it doesn’t hurt to work with a personal trainer. Highly trained professionals know what to do for their clients, thanks to their expertise in the industry, so if you want to be sure to get past your plateau and reach the goals you have in mind, consider the benefits of hiring a personal trainer to get you there.

In Conclusion 

Fitness plateaus happen and it can be a puzzle to get past them. However, with a few tweaks here and there with your fitness plan, success on your fitness journey is possible. Don’t give up now—you’re already halfway there!

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