Odhalují pupínky během těhotenství, zda je to chlapec nebo dívka?

You’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale that getting pimples while you’re pregnant means you’re having a girl. Or maybe you’ve been told it’s actually a sign you’re having a boy. Either way, you’re probably curious if there’s any truth to this claim that pregnancy pimples can reveal your baby’s gender.

Superstitions may be just silly folklore, but I do think there’s usually a tiny bit of truth to them; otherwise, they wouldn’t have started in the first place.

The Origin of Pregnancy Pimple Myths

Some people believe that pimples on the face you get during pregnancy can tell you if your baby’s a boy or a girl. This idea has been around forever, and many still think it’s true today.

It is believed that if you develop pimples during pregnancy, it means you’re having a girl. Girls have always been thought of as sweet, and since acne is sometimes caused by too much sugar, it must mean a girl.

It’s also thought that left-side zits mean girl, and right side means boy. No one’s sure where this started, but maybe from old European cultures. Some think it comes from thinking the left side’s for girls, your heart side, and the right’s for guys, the side of strength.

Unless you get an ultrasound, the only way to really know is to wait til the big day. On the plus side, your pimples should clear up after the baby comes as your hormones settle down. Either way, these kinds of guesses are fun ways to guess the gender. And honestly, like I said, superstitions must have some truth, or they wouldn’t stick around!

What The Science Says About Pimples Predicting Baby’s Gender

Pregnancy hormones can cause acne and skin issues, and according to science, break out has nothing to do with whether it’s a boy or girl. The baby’s sex is actually determined really early on before you even have symptoms. So even if you start getting pimples in weird spots, it’s not going to change what’s already been decided down there!

Hormones changing, stress, and weight gain during pregnancy are all things that can trigger breakouts or make existing acne worse. But where exactly on your face you break out depends on personal stuff like your skin type and how your own hormones are acting up. It doesn’t have anything to do with your little one.

The only way to truly find out if it’s a boy or girl is through an ultrasound, certain tests, or waiting until the big day. The acne isn’t going to tell you one way or the other.

Other Common Pregnancy Myths And Old Wives’ Tales

Pregnancy seems to inspire an endless number of myths and superstitions. Many of these old wives’ tales claim to predict the baby’s gender or characteristics.

Heartburn Means A Hairy Baby

The myth goes that if you have heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will be born with a full head of hair. While hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause heartburn, there is no connection between heartburn and how much hair your baby has.

Carrying High or Low

Some people believe that carrying the baby high or low indicates the gender. Again, there is no evidence to show that the position of the baby bump correlates with the sex of the baby. The placement of the baby bump depends on a woman’s body type and muscle tone, not the baby’s gender.

Morning Sickness

Another common myth is that the severity of a woman’s morning sickness indicates whether she’s having a boy or girl. Unfortunately, the level of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy does not reveal any clues about the baby’s gender. Morning sickness is caused by hormonal changes and typically abates by the second trimester, regardless of gender.

Dry Lips Mean A Baby Boy

Many pregnant women believe that dry, chapped lips during pregnancy means you are having a boy. The idea behind the dry lips, meaning a boy’s superstition, is that male hormones are more drying to the skin and lips. Testosterone, the main male sex hormone, can cause the skin to produce less oil and become drier. Some mothers claim that during their pregnancies with boys, their lips became more chapped and cracked compared to pregnancies with girls.

Craving Sweets Mean A Girl

If you’re really wanting sweets when you’re pregnant, it means you’re going to have a little girl. The logic is the same – girls are thought of as sweet, so your sweet tooth must be a sign you’ve got a daughter in there. This one probably started because back in the day lots of women noticed when they were craving sweets, candies, or fruits during pregnancy, they ended up with a baby girl.

Facts or Myths? Who Knows!

Pimples and other skin changes happen during pregnancy thanks to shifting hormones, not because your baby’s gender magically communicates through your complexion. Try not to drive yourself crazy analyzing every zit – just stick with your tried-and-true skin care regimen as best you can, and look forward to being surprised when you finally get to meet your little one!

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