How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth At Home

A smile will always look good on your face. In fact, one of the standard ways to relieve stress is by simply smiling. However, not everyone is confident with their smiles, so they rarely do it. This is usually the case for those who have physical deformations, such as those with cleft palates. For some, they are just conscious with their yellowish teeth.

If you belong in the former case, we assure you that yellow teeth are entirely normal, and you should not be too conscious of it. As long as you brush and floss correctly, your teeth should have no problems at all, even if it has a yellowish hue. If that does not convince you, you can buy a teeth whitening kit or ask your dentist to turn your teeth into pearly whites, but it would surely cost you a lot.

Hence, we’ve made this article give you some tips to make your teeth look whiter naturally without spending much.

how to get rid of yellow teeth at home

#1 Use Baking Soda

If you are into cleaning, you will probably already know the incredible effects of baking soda. This cheap ingredient can be found in almost every cleaning tip and blog on the internet. More than its cleaning properties, baking soda is also widely acclaimed for its whitening properties.

However, although you can use baking soda just as it is, no studies support its effectiveness in making your teeth whiter. So far, every claim about baking soda is only testimonials. You can just give it a try and see if it works out for you. As long as you don’t swallow too much baking soda, you won’t have any problems.

On the brighter side, toothpaste containing baking soda is reportedly much more effective in making teeth whiter than those that do not have it as an ingredient. This way, it might be best to use baking soda after brushing or just buy toothpaste with baking soda so you won’t do too much work.

#2 Start Eating Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can contain enzymes and minerals, which could help in whitening your teeth. Also, a crunchy bite could help remove plaque and stains, responsible for making your teeth appear much more yellowish than they actually are.

Of course, if you eat fruits and vegetables, you should not think that you do not need to brush anymore. They are in no way a substitute, and doing so would just make your teeth more yellow.

Furthermore, according to studies, strawberries and pineapples have natural whitening chemicals such as bromelain and malic acid. In fact, toothpaste containing these chemicals has been widely studied. It was found out that such products are more effective in cleaning and whitening the teeth.

#3 Avoid Certain Foods

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Hence, if you do not want to worsen your teeth’ yellowish hue, you should adjust your diet accordingly.

For starters, avoid foods such as soda, coffee, or any beverage with caffeine, as well as red wine. Those foods are notoriously known to stain your teeth, making their natural yellowish hue darker. If you can’t help yourself, use a straw every time you want to drink them so you can avoid direct contact between your teeth and the beverage.

You should also avoid any forms of smoking or chewing tobacco. Tobacco and caffeine are some of the most common reasons why our teeth turn yellow or even begin to look brown. Not only that but chronic smoking is also linked to many major respiratory problems and even cancer. So there is really no reason to do it anyway, even if you don’t care how your teeth look. However, if you can’t quit right now, you can switch to vaping and combine it with some sweet gummy bear treats.

Lastly, limit your sugar intake to the recommended daily maximum, which is about 6 grams only. Although sugar does not directly cause your teeth staining, the bacteria living on them is a different story. These bacteria feed on the enamel and sugar on your teeth. As time goes by, your enamel becomes thinner due to these bacteria, which exposes the dentin – the naturally yellow part of your teeth.

Hence, if you can’t help but eat these foods, you should brush your teeth immediately afterward to minimize or prevent any stains or teeth damage.

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