Dream About Cheating – Spiritual Meaning & 4 Interpretations

Have you dreamed of cheating and feel guilty? Do not worry! Remember that dreams are not a reflection of reality and cannot be interpreted literally in the smallest detail. In fact, it is known that most often, dreams about cheating usually have people who live in happy relationships. Their lives are calm and orderly, but subconsciously they feel certain anxiety.

dreams about cheating

When interpreting the dream about cheating or infidelity, several factors need to be addressed. One is the age of the person you cheat. If you or your partner have an older woman or man, it means that you or they are missing a sense of security. The dream of cheating with someone younger indicates that you long for adventure, detachment from routine actions, or something that makes you feel free.

What else can dreams about cheating mean? Check below!

Dream about cheating with your ex

This is one of the most common dreams in terms of cheating. As far as dreaming of someone from the past is concerned, it indicates that the brain in dreams returns to already known places and familiar situations, rather than that dreaming would mean a particular desire or craving for infidelity.

If you’ve been thinking about your ex recently, your dream of cheating with him or her is just a reflection of your thoughts. Lastly, this dream can also mean that you miss the sex life that you had with your ex partner. cheating dream

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Dream about your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you

If we see our partner cheating on us in a dream, we will probably be able to solve all the problems that have been difficult to deal with. This dream, however, may also reflect your low self-esteem or distrust, and therefore your subconscious is afraid that your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband will cheat on you or that you’ll lose them.

Dream about planning to cheat on your partner

Dreams about planning to cheat on someone in a dream warn you about your enemies. Even if you do not realize this, there is someone around you who deceitfully wants to deprive you of your position or money. So let’s be more careful and not trust everyone, especially those who you know briefly or who have already failed your trust. You should be especially careful if this is a recurring dream.

Dream about getting caught cheating

This dream predicts that it is time to come to light with your secret or something you’ve been hiding. It is rather positive because once you open up and reveal what you’ve been hiding for a long time, you will release yourself of a burned and feel better in your own skin.


Dreams about cheating or infidelity are quite common. If you wake up in the morning with tears in your eyes and wonder what it was all about, take a deep breath, say your favorite love affirmation and get off on the right foot. Although these dreams are very unpleasant, they are only symbolic and it is necessary to emphasize again that dreams of cheating are not about actual cheating, but rather about our emotions or memories stored in your subconscious mind.

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