The Power of Gratitude: How Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier and Healthier

What is the most important feeling? It’s natural for everyone to put love first of all. But there is another one that is extremely important: gratitude.

Feeling grateful and expressing it has an incredibly good effect on a person’s health, both physical and mental, and in addition, it helps us to improve relationships or manifest what we desire in life.

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Why is gratitude good for our health?

There are several studies that claim grateful people are happier, more satisfied, less prone to burnout, more patient, they have better sleep and are in better physical condition.

Gratitude is also beneficial for mental health. Try to write a so-called thank-you note every day, or even a list of things you are grateful for. Write at least ten to fifteen things every day. This practice makes you more optimistic, which can protect you from a lot of stress and even the threat of depression in your everyday life.

When you write a list of what you are grateful for, you realize a lot of things; you will realize the importance of the little things or gestures you have overlooked before and you will find that life is more beautiful and easier than you thought.

Gratitude is the key to successful manifestation

If you have seen the Secret movie, gratitude is not a foreign word for you. In fact, this word has appeared there several times and has often been inflected in terms of attracting things to your life or turning your dreams into reality.

Gratitude is one of the most important choices to make if we want to turn our dreams into reality. It is a key that we all hold in our hands, but not everyone uses it. When you are grateful, you give thanks for what you have, for small and big things, for what happened, for everything and everyone around you. And then, the more grateful you are, the more things for which you will be grateful you will get.

Walt Disney once beautifully said: power of gratitude power of gratitude

“The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.”

Walt Disney
power of gratitude

There are zillions of reasons for gratitude

The benefits of gratitude can be enjoyed by anyone with little awareness. We can feel it for others because of their deeds, their kindness, their help, and we can try to go through for what we can be grateful for every day. For our own lives, for our health, or for being sick, because we have the strength to persevere. We can be grateful for the smallest things, even for the sun that shone when you were on a trip or for the delicious and tasty food you had in the restaurant.

Being aware of the many good things that surround us and therefore expressing our gratitude can make us happier and healthier. It will be easier for us to forgive, let go and turn our dreams into reality. It is important to see the good because only then will we get more good and thus more things to be grateful for.

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