Fake Psychics Exposed: 7 Ways To Identify Scammers

Have you ever left a psychic reading wondering if that person really knew what they were talking about? It can be so difficult to tell the genuinely talented psychics apart from the fakes who are just in it for the cash. You don’t want to keep getting taken for a ride, not knowing who you can trust.

Let me tell you some things I’ve learned about outing the phonies. I’m going to run down the most common tricks these fraudsters use, so you’ll be able to spot them a mile away. I’ll also give you a few ways to test drive any psychic and figure out if their abilities are the real deal or just hot air.

Vague Predictions

Watch out for psychics who speak in vague generalities. They’ll use phrases like “I sense there will be a breakthrough” or “Things will improve in the next year.” These predictions could apply to anyone and are purposefully ambiguous.

A real psychic will give specific details about your life and future. If they’re not mentioning concrete events, relationships or timeframes, they’re likely a fraud.

Some will “sense” you have a “troubled relationship” or that “money issues will resolve.”

  • Ask for exact names, dates and details.
  • Don’t provide information about yourself upfront.Make them work for the details.

Legitimate psychics will freely admit when they don’t have a clear vision or can’t provide a precise prediction. Scammers will continue to string you along with more vague statements to keep you paying for additional services.

Save your money – and sanity. Don’t fall for flashy advertisements and over-the-top claims from anyone offering psychic readings or fortune telling services.

Pushing Expensive, Unnecessary Services

A fake psychic will try to sell you expensive services or products you don’t really need. They may claim you need “spiritual cleansing” or other rituals to remove curses or negative energy. These types of services are scams to get you to hand over large amounts of money. Legitimate psychics do not require payment for “diagnostic” services or force clients into expensive treatment plans.

Be wary if a psychic pushes you into long-term or high-priced commitments like weekly readings, healings or candle spells. They may claim these ongoing services are necessary to solve your problems or bring you good fortune. In reality, they are just a way for the scam artist to keep making money off of you. Authentic psychics provide insight and guidance, not a never-ending sales pitch for their own gain.

Payment In Advance

When dealing with a psychic or medium, be wary of those who ask for payment in advance. Legitimate professionals will only request payment after delivering their services. Psychics who ask for money weeks or days before an appointment or reading should raise red flags.

Reputable psychics understand that new clients may be hesitant to hand over large sums of money before knowing whether the reading will be accurate and helpful. They will instead offer an initial free reading to establish trust and credibility before requesting any fees.

Those who insist on upfront payment often have less than honest intentions. They may take the money and disappear or provide a vague or generic reading that could apply to anyone. Requesting payment well before an appointment suggests that the psychic’s priority is obtaining money rather than providing a quality service.

Pressure And Fear Tactics

Fraudulent psychics often use high-pressure tactics and instill fear to manipulate people into paying large sums of money. They may claim you need an urgent “cleansing” or “curse removal” ritual that requires an immediate payment of several thousand dollars. Or they frighten you into thinking that a “curse” or “negative energy” will cause harm if not dealt with right away through their expensive services.

These unscrupulous con artists prey on people’s vulnerabilities, anxieties and desperation using deceit and deception. Their ominous predictions and warnings about impending doom are completely fabricated. Their promised rituals, spells and treatments are useless shams. It’s all a ploy to scam as much money from their victims as possible.

Don’t fall for their tricks and manipulations. No real psychic would ever try to scare or pressure you into handing over money. Politely end any reading or session with a fake psychic immediately. You owe them nothing. Report their fraudulent behavior to local consumer protection agencies to help prevent others from becoming victims.

A Lot of Questions In Advance

One telltale sign of a fake psychic is that they will ask you a lot of personal questions in advance to gather information about you and your life. They then use this information during the reading to make it seem like they have actual psychic abilities. For example, they may ask you questions such as:

  • What is your full name and date of birth?
  • Are you on Facebook?
  • Do you have any siblings and what are their names?
  • What do your parents do for a living?
  • Have you recently experienced any major life changes?

They claim these questions are to “get a sense of your energy” or “tune into your aura.” But in reality, they are simply gathering details they can use to give you a reading that sounds accurate and personalized. Once they have your name, birthdate and family details, they can look you up online and find even more information.

Then during the actual reading, they will drop “clues” into the reading based on the information you provided. They may mention the name of a relative, a place you recently moved to or a health issue you mentioned. Their goal is to convince you that they have supernatural abilities by revealing details that only they could know. But in fact, they just learned those details from the personal questions they asked you beforehand.

Focus On Money

If a psychic focuses primarily on how much money they can get from you, that’s a major red flag. Legitimate psychics are focused on providing insight and guidance, not taking advantage of their clients financially.

Watch out for psychics who try to rope you into expensive, long-term commitments like regularly scheduled readings or psychic development classes. They may claim you have a “blockage” or “curse” that requires ongoing work and payments to remove. Don’t fall for high-pressure sales tactics to get you to spend beyond your budget.

Real psychics do charge for their services, but their fees are reasonable and transparent. They don’t demand payment upfront before providing a reading. Psychics who are more concerned with money than the reading itself are likely scam artists, not the real deal.

Guard Your Wallet!

My advice? Don’t let their smooth talk and mystical promises fool you. Trust your gut if something seems off, and don’t hand over your hard-earned money without double-checking their credentials. There are gifted psychics out there, but there are also scammers ready to take advantage of people. Stay savvy and guard your wallet!

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