How Dangerous Are Akashic Records? Here’s The Truth

Are akashic records dangerous

Accessing the Akashic Records, that mystical library containing all knowledge of everything that has ever happened, may sound fascinating—who wouldn’t want access to unlimited information spanning all of history? But how dangerous is it really to tap into these cosmic records? Could there be risks to your mental or even physical well-being if you try contacting them?

What Are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are thought to be a massive collection of everything that’s ever happened – every little thing any person has ever done, said, thought, felt. Our whole lives are in there!

And it’s not just people, it’s apparently got the history of the whole universe, too. Mystics say the Records have all the knowledge there is about what it’s like to be human and also everything that’s ever happened in creation as a whole.

Accessing The Records

Some believe you can tap into the Akashic Records through meditation and getting in tune with yourself. If you can tune into the right frequency, you can gain wisdom and knowledge about your life’s path and purpose. Now, skeptics would say there’s no proof these Records even exist, let alone that you can access them like that. But people who believe in it say that consulting the Records has brought them clarity, healing, and guidance on their journey.

The Records Are NOT Dangerous But Must Be Used Responsibly

Some may find the concept of Akashic Records implausible, but for those who do believe in their existence, accessing the Records is not inherently dangerous. That said, greater wisdom comes with greater responsibility. If you really could learn all that and get all that power from the Records, as people say, you’d have to be super careful not to use it for the wrong reasons.

Most mystics would tell you only to read them if you’re trying to do good for everyone, not just yourself. When people use the Records the right way and with good intentions, believers say they can provide deep insights and guidance.

The Dangers of Akashic Records

So, you want to check out the Akashic Records? Just a heads up though – you have to go in with your eyes open wide. See, these “records” are supposed to know everything about everything that ever happened. But peeking in isn’t without some risks.

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Mental And Emotional Distress

What you uncover in the Akashic Records could be deeply upsetting or traumatic. Are you ready to deal with painful truths about yourself or people you care about that you’ve been trying not to think about? Bringing up memories from past lives, for example, might stress you out and make you feel down or give you PTSD.

Spiritual Disturbances

One of the possible dangers of Akashic records is that they could make you a target for bad spirits or cause spiritual problems. When you tap into other realms, you might run into things that want to latch onto your energy or control you for their own gain. That’s why it’s super important to protect yourself spiritually before and after looking in the Akashic Records.

Information Overload

There is so much info in there it could totally overwhelm you. Your brain might not be able to handle all the data flooding in. It could really confuse you and be hard to tell what’s real insight and what’s just in your head. Best thing to do is go in there with really specific questions and a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

Safe Ways To Connect With Your Akashic Records

Set An Intention

Before connecting with your Records, set a clear intention for why you want to access and what you hope to gain. Are you looking for guidance on a challenging situation? Healing from past hurts? Taking a minute to set an intention will help you stay focused on what really matters to you.

Use Meditation

One of the safest ways to access your Akashic Records is through meditation. Find a nice, quiet spot with no distractions and get yourself into a relaxed, meditative state. Once you’re feeling zen, visualize a doorway made of light. Ask your Records to open up for you. Then, just tune in and see what comes through – thoughts, feelings, sounds, images.

Work With A Guide

If accessing your Akashic Records on your own feels a little intimidating, you may think about working with someone who guides people through that process. They are specifically trained to help you explore your Records in a calm, supported way. They’ll also be able to help make sense of anything you find in there and share what it means for your life. Especially at the beginning, having someone to walk through it with you really helps ensure the experience is positive and worthwhile.

Final Verdict

So are the Akashic Records really all that dangerous? Like with most things, they could be used for good or bad. If the wrong person got ahold of them, knowing everyone’s past lives and future fate could definitely be abused. But when you get down to it, the Records are meant as a tool for spiritual development, not demolition. So they aren’t inherently dangerous.

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