Feeling Inferior? Imagine Them On The Toilet

You know the feeling. That person who seems to have it all – the looks, the success, the perfect life. Whenever you’re around them, you feel small. Insignificant. Inferior. Like nothing. But here’s a little secret: that feeling is all in your head.

Underneath it all, they’re just people. And you know what all people do? They poop. Yup, that’s right. Even the most beautiful, successful, intimidating people you know sit on the toilet.

My Secret Tip For Feeling Less Inferior

We all experience moments of feeling inferior to others at some point. Whether it’s that overachieving coworker, your successful sibling, or that Instagram influencer living their “best life,” comparing yourself can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Chances are things aren’t always as perfect as they seem on the surface. But here’s a little secret I’ve found helps overcome feelings of inferiority: picture the person making you feel inferior sitting on the toilet.

They’re Human Too

When we see people through the lens of their accomplishments and perceived “perfection,” it’s easy to put them on a pedestal. But the truth is, behind closed doors they are human just like you—they get tired, cranky, make mistakes, and yes, even use the bathroom.

Picturing someone in such an ordinary human moment helps diminish their “superhuman” status in your mind. Mr. CEO? Yep, he’s sitting on the toilet, too, at some point today. Your favorite Instagram yoga guru? I guarantee she’s not posting glamorous toilet selfies. Even that neighbor who likes to judge you – I guarantee she’s picking her nose or popping pimples when she thinks nobody is watching!

Remembering that celebrities and famous people deal with the same everyday struggles makes them feel more human. I get it, they’re gorgeous and rich – and more power to them! But if someone starts acting like they’re better than you or makes you feel small, just picture them on the can. That’ll show you they’re regular folks just like the rest of us.

We all spend around 70 hours a year sitting on the throne, hoping things move along. Sometimes, it’s diarrhea city, and other times, it’s backed up worse than LA traffic. When it comes down to it, we’re all just people doing our business. So next time someone wants to put you down or make you feel inferior, just remember – their ego is even bigger than their toilet!

Focus On Your Own Journey

Instead of worrying about where everyone else is at, take some time to appreciate all you’ve done. Think about your skills, relationships, and accomplishments – you’ve come a long way! Be proud of who you are, too, because there’s no one out there quite like you.

Comparing yourself to others usually just brings you down. The best thing is accepting that your path is your own. All that matters is improving yourself – just keep putting one foot in front of the other, learn from mistakes, and aim to be the best you. That’s real success right there.

My grandfather used to have this saying: “One food, hundred people, hundred tastes.” Basically, what he meant was that we’re all different as people, even though we’re all human. We may all use the bathroom, but we all think and act in our own unique ways. So if someone is acting like they’re better than you or like you don’t matter, just remember – at the end of the day, we all do the same thing: we all sit on the toilet and do our business. We’re all a lot more alike than different when it comes down to it.

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Julianna F.

The philosophy behind our blog is simple: think big and think positively. As Donald Trump once said, "You are going to think anyway, so think big." Life is too short to waste time on negative thoughts that weigh you down. We're here to infuse some joy and inspiration with a dash of astrology, numerology, and healthy living tips. Or really whatever pops into our heads! Follow us on Instagram

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