The 13 Starseed Types: Which One Are You?

starseed types

Starseeds are beings who believe they originate from other worlds or dimensions, incarnating on Earth to help humanity. There are many types of them, each one has a special job and comes from different places. Some of the most famous are from the Pleiades star cluster, Sirius, the Andromeda galaxy, the star Arcturus, and the Lyra constellation.

Let’s look at the 13 main starseed types and what makes each one special. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in one of them!


You’re an old soul if you resonate with the Lyran starseed type. Lyrans inhabited the Vega star system, and were known for their wisdom, culture, and libraries. If this sounds like you, you likely feel out of place in society and are on a quest for knowledge.

As a Lyran, you’re probably an intellectual who values education, philosophy, and spirituality. You tend to see the bigger picture in life and ask yourself deep questions about existence. However, this can make you feel like an outsider or “an alien” since most people prefer superficial small talk. Don’t let that get you down – your ancient wisdom is a gift.

Lyrans also tend to be artistic and creative. You may find yourself drawn to cultural pursuits like music, writing, or painting. Let your creative gifts flow, as they can be a source of joy and help you connect with like-minded souls.


As a Lemurian starseed, you feel a deep connection to the lost continent of Lemuria. Lemuria was an advanced civilization that sank into the Pacific Ocean over 50,000 years ago. Lemurians were highly spiritual beings focused on unity, community, and harmony.

If you’re a Lemurian starseed, you likely feel out of place in today’s world with its focus on materialism and competition. You value peace, compassion and co-operation. You may be drawn to spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, reiki or holistic healing. Your mission is to spread Lemurian teachings of oneness and help raise the collective consciousness.

Lemurian starseeds tend to be gentle, empathetic and artistic. You have a love of crystals, nature and dolphins. Dreaming in purple and gold colors is common. Physically, you may experience sinus issues, lower back pain or feel most comfortable living by the ocean.

Light Workers

Light workers are souls who incarnated on Earth at this time for the purpose of helping others awaken and ascend. You may identify as a light worker if you feel an innate calling to be of service to humanity. Often described as “old souls”, light workers carry wisdom, compassion, and a desire for peace, truth and justice.

If you’re a light worker, you may feel out of place in the world at times. You tend to be very intuitive and empathic, sometimes experiencing emotions that don’t feel like your own. You have a strong urge to help others in a meaningful way, through spiritual teaching, holistic healing, environmental activism or other light work. Your message to the world is one of hope, and you strive to raise the collective consciousness through the way you live your own life.


Sirians have come to Earth to help facilitate humanity’s spiritual evolution and ascension. They point to several characteristics that may indicate someone is a Sirian starseed. Some of these include a strong connection to nature and animals, a deep love of freedom, an affinity for exploration and discovery, and an early awareness of spiritual or metaphysical concepts.

Sirian starseeds are said to have a natural affinity for healing and helping others. They often feel like outsiders on Earth, struggling to fit in with humanity’s ways. This is because Sirians come from a more advanced civilization that values wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and freedom. They incarnate on Earth with a mission to raise the planet’s consciousness through teaching, sharing wisdom, and leading by example. However, adjusting to life on Earth can be challenging for young Sirian souls.

Crystal Children

Crystal children are some of the newest starseeds to incarnate on Earth. Born since the 1990s, crystal children exhibit unique characteristics that set them apart. They tend to be extremely sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive.

Crystal children pick up on subtle energies and emotions of those around them. Loud noises, harsh lighting, and chaotic environments easily overwhelm them. They tend to be inwardly focused and prefer calming, harmonious surroundings. Many crystal children have delayed speech or are labeled as “indigo” due to their sensitivity. With patience and understanding, crystal children blossom into creative, whimsical souls.

These starseeds exhibit a strong sense of intuition from an early age. They seem to just “know” things without being told and have a strong connection to spiritual or mystical topics. Some believe crystal children can see auras, speak with spiritual guides, or have prophetic dreams and visions. Their intuition serves as an inner compass to help guide them on their life path.

Crystal children often believe in things like fairies, magic, and miracles. They have a sense of wonder about the world and believe that anything is possible. This magical outlook helps crystal children to manifest their desires and shape reality in a positive way.


If you feel a strong connection to Venus, you may be a Venusian starseed. Venusians are highly artistic, creative and musically gifted. You care deeply about relationships, harmony and beauty. Conflict is difficult for you. You strive to create peace and bring people together.

Art, music and nature nourish your soul. You appreciate luxury and comfort and enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful objects that evoke pleasure. Sensuality is also important to you. You tend to be flirtatious and romantic. Love, relationships and intimacy tend to be a driving force in your life.

Venus is all about love, beauty, and abundance. If this resonates with you, you may be a Venusian starseed, here to spread more love, harmony, and beauty on Earth.

Indigo Children

As an Indigo Child, you likely feel like an “old soul” in a young body. You may have a strong intuition and feel deeply connected to spiritual matters from an early age. Many Indigo Children report having imaginary friends or seeing spiritual beings as children. You tend to be very empathetic and sensitive and may frequently experience anxiety or depression.

Indigo Children often struggle to conform to social norms and authority. You question the rules and want to forge your own path in life. You may have trouble in school or with other institutions that try to box you in. However, with the right nurturing environment, Indigo Children can thrive and use their gifts to help elevate humanity.

The most important thing for Indigo Children is to honor your sensitivity and intuition. Don’t let others make you feel like there is something wrong with you for being different. Your purpose here is to help shift consciousness and create positive change in the world.

Rainbow Children

The Rainbow children are the new generation of starseeds currently being born on Earth. They are highly spiritual and intuitive, with a strong sense of purpose to bring light and peace to the world.

As the name suggests, Rainbow children radiate an aura of rainbow colors and have an inherent connection to color vibrations and chakras. They are natural healers and teachers, here to spread messages of unity, harmony and ascension.

Rainbow children tend to be very empathetic, compassionate and expressive. They see the world through the lens of oneness and unity, not division or separatism. Due to their high sensitivity, Rainbow children may seem dreamy, distracted or hypersensitive at times. However, their gifts are meant to be shared to awaken humanity to a more heart-centered way of being.


As an Orion starseed, you’re a wise old soul with a deep connection to ancient Egypt. You value knowledge, philosophy and expanding your mind. As a teacher, you have an ability to awaken others to universal truths. However, you can also be stubborn in your beliefs and wary of change.

Orion starseeds are natural leaders, with an innate confidence and charisma that draws others to them. You have a deep motivation to help people grow and bring humanity up to a higher place, consciousness-wise. At times though, this drive for purpose may lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Meditation, crystals and energy healing resonate deeply with you. In particular, you are drawn to the high vibrations of citrine, lapis lazuli and emerald. Creative pursuits like art, music, and writing are also ways for you to tap into your inner wisdom and express your galactic heritage.


Andromedans are said to be very intellectual and analytical starseeds. They value knowledge, education, and spiritual enlightenment. If you identify as an Andromedan starseed, you may feel like an “old soul” who has lived many lifetimes. You tend to see life from a very philosophical and futuristic perspective.

Andromedans are described as humanoid aliens from the Andromeda galaxy. Some believe Andromedans visited Earth in ancient times and shared knowledge and wisdom with early human civilizations. As an Andromedan starseed, you may feel a strong connection to Egyptian culture and mythology.

You tend to be very intuitive and imaginative, with an aptitude for understanding science, mathematics, and esoteric knowledge. However, you can also seem aloof or detached at times due to feeling out of place on Earth. Connecting with like-minded starseeds can help you feel more at home while pursuing your soul mission of spreading enlightenment.


As a Mintakan starseed, you originate from the star system of Mintaka in the Orion constellation. Mintakans are known for being energetic, enthusiastic and youthful in spirit. You likely feel a strong connection to nature and animals. Your positive outlook and vibrant personality draw others to you.

However, Mintakan energy can also make you impatient at times. You tend to get bored easily and crave constant stimulation and new experiences. Sitting still for long periods or sticking to routine tasks may prove challenging. You are an adventurous soul who needs variety and spontaneity.

Travel and exploring new places awakens your senses. You love meeting interesting people from diverse backgrounds. Learning about different cultures and ways of life fuels your curious mind. Sharing your experiences with others through teaching, writing or public speaking allows you to inspire and motivate people in a positive way.

The Mintakan’s purpose is to spread joy, optimism and inspiration. Your bright spirit uplifts those around you. You are here to help shift people’s perspectives and encourage them to follow their dreams and passions. Through living life fully and authentically, you show others how to do the same.


Arcturians are believed to be an alien race that comes from the star Arcturus, which is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation. They are said to be highly advanced beings who value spirituality, knowledge, and balance.

Arcturians are thought to be healers and scholars, with a strong desire to help others. Their home planet is envisioned as a utopia without pollution, conflict or greed. If you feel a strong connection to Arcturus or identify with these values, you may be an Arcturian starseed. Your life purpose may involve serving humanity through spiritual growth and wisdom.

Some signs you could be an Arcturian soul:

  • You feel like an old soul with ancient wisdom.
  • You have a strong interest in science, philosophy, and metaphysics.
  • You feel drawn to help and heal others through spiritual means.
  • You value harmony, balance, and unity among all beings.
  • You feel misplaced in human society and long for utopia.


Pleiadians are said to be beings of light from the Pleiades star system. If you’re a Pleiadian starseed, you may feel a strong connection to Pleiadian culture and beliefs. Pleiadians value peace, love, creativity, and self-expression.

As a Pleiadian, you’re likely a free spirit who values independence and connecting with like-minded souls. You may be drawn to helping others through spiritual work or the creative arts. Pleiadians tend to be optimistic, idealistic, and forward-thinking. However, you may struggle with practical, everyday concerns and find it hard to stay grounded. Connecting to the earth through nature, meditation, or creative pursuits can help provide balance.

Pleiadian starseeds often feel like outsiders on Earth. You may feel restless and struggle to find purpose or meaning in everyday human affairs. However, your gifts of intuition, healing, and creativity can be used to help others in meaningful ways.

Starseed or Not – Just Do You

Even if you don’t feel a strong pull toward any of these starseeds, you still contain stardust and infinite potential as a spiritual being having a human experience. I wouldn’t worry too much about putting a label on yourself. Focus instead on following your intuition, finding your soul tribe, and walking your unique path 🙂

Spread positivity 💕

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