How To Tell If A Scorpio Likes You – 6 Signs To Look For

In Astrology, Scorpio is a zodiac sign that falls under the element of Water and they’re considered to be passionate and assertive. In fact, it’s because of this that they’re mistaken as Fire signs- but they are in fact, Water.

They’re very in tune with their emotions and this makes them very empathetic and sensual- both to their own emotions and those of others. They make excellent leaders because of their assertive nature and in relationships and friendships, they’re very protective of those they love. There’s nothing a Scorpio wouldn’t do for the people they love the most.

Scorpio is often presented as a strongly sexual and aggressive sign, but don’t be fooled. Rather, they are the qualities of the ruling planets of this sign. Mars (the planet of aggression and passion) and Pluto (the planet of destruction and obsession) are Scorpio’s ruling planets, making them one of the most mysterious zodiac signs.

how to tell if a scorpio likes you

Let’s shed a light on how to know if a Scorpio, both man and woman, likes you.

#1 They’ll be possessive of you

Out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is known for its possessiveness. It’s part of their nature, which is specifically true when they’re serious about their feelings for you. Being possessive means asking your whereabouts throughout the day, which can often be seen as clingy. It’s nothing against them as they want to ensure your honesty and trustworthiness.

#2 They let down their guard

Scorpio is one of the most guarded signs – thus, their mysterious nature. If a Scorpio lets down their guard and chooses to be vulnerable with you, they definitely like you. They don’t let down their guard to just anyone, so once they do, don’t take this for granted.

#3 They test and analyze you

Trust is extremely crucial to a Scorpio, and you should never break their trust at all costs. When they test you, they’re trying to see where they stand and if you’ll break their heart.

#4 They connect with you

As one of the signs driven by their emotions, a Scorpio likes you when they intentionally connect with you on a mental and emotional level. They value substance and depth, and a Scorpio will want that kind of connection if they like you.

#5 They are extremely faithful

A Scorpio is one of the most loyal and faithful signs, which is why trust is also very crucial to them. A Scorpio likes you when they have their eyes (and heart) on nobody else but you. When a Scorpio likes someone, their entire attention is on one person and one person only.

#6 They’ll compete for your attention

Being a Scorpio’s way of affection may seem intense to others; they like you when they’re fighting for your attention. Even when it’s as simple as getting your focus out of the game you’re playing, a Scorpio likes you if they want your attention.

Bottom line

Whether it’s a Scorpio man or woman, these signs apply to this mysterious and passionate sign we call Scorpio. They can be intense, but they don’t hold back when they like or even love someone. They go all-in when they’re falling for someone, which is one of the best things about a Scorpio liking you.

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