Pisces Woman And Cancer Man: Compatibility in Love and Friendship

A Pisces and a Cancer are very likely to be drawn together on an emotional level, oftentimes immediately upon meeting one another. This connection can be both romantic and platonic; a love at first sight scenario with different types of love.

pisces woman cancer man compatibility

Romantic Compatibility

Very often a Pisces and Cancer will have a strong romantic attraction, both in a sexual aspect and an emotional one. They are drawn to one another because Cancer is likely to understand and empathize with the sensitivity of a Pisces. This leads to the latter sign opening up to the former, and providing them with the comforting and loving relationship they crave in return for the trust and empathy. As a result, a strong emotional foundation for their relationship is established, with the “construction” happening quite early on.

When it comes to sexual activity, the Cancer is known for being more traditional and sensual, while the Pisces adds more creativity and excitement; kinkiness, if you will. Their intimacy is amplified not only by their individual preferences in the bedroom, but by their genuine emotional connection.

In astrology, Pisces rules the feet and toes, while Cancer rules the chest and breasts. These parts are especially sensitive to these zodiac signs and deserve their attention in the bedroom.

Where a romantic relationship could run into issues, however, lies in what each sign values. Cancers tend to prefer a steady, comfortable life, while a Pisces prefers more excitement and change. This can result in some conflict in the relationship; of course, it can be handled properly in order to salvage the relationship. The connection the signs have to each other will likely result in a drive to resolve any conflict that may arise.

Platonic Compatibility

The aforementioned emotional attraction creates not only a romantic attraction but can also create a strictly platonic attraction. The understanding nature of a Cancer is something that a Pisces will greatly value in a friendship, and the Pisces’ resulting loyalty will be valued by the Cancer. This emotional connection creates a strong friendship, one which is likely to have a quick development, as their emotional attraction causes them to kick it off right away.

As stated previously, a Pisces may crave change and excitement while a Cancer might not quite as much. But a Cancer will provide a Pisces with the stability they need to achieve their goals, and a Pisces will provide a Cancer with the courage and spontaneity they also need. This is not only useful for a friendship, but also for a romantic relationship, which very well could stem from a friendship between these two signs.

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