How To Tell You’re Falling Out of Love

Love one of the most precious things that a person can experience. But there comes a moment when you just don’t feel those butterflies in your stomach anymore and you begin to lose interest in your significant other. In this article, we will take look at some signs to tell you’re falling out of love.

The following points are not necessarily a guarantee that you will break up, nor are we encouraging you to do so. They are just indicators of a lack of love, emotions, and passion that should be in a healthy relationship.

How do we know if our relationship is fading away forever? We’re falling out of love when:

You don’t think about your partner when you aren’t around them

Those who are truly in love can’t stop thinking about their significant other. Whether you have been without your partner for a few hours or a few days and have never thought of them or haven’t missed them, it is a clear indicator that you are falling out of love or living in a one-sided relationship.

You lose interest and don’t want to get physical

..or to cuddle at least. Those are one of the main intimate things that a couple can do so if they aren’t present it is quite likely that the relationship won’t last very long. We don’t feel the need to be close to them and we don’t do anything about it. And somehow we don’t reflect on our partner’s attempts to make amends. A relationship without physical closeness is not a healthy relationship.

You begin to give up trying to make the relationship work

You should just stop and try to move one because it takes two people to make it work. No matter how hard you tried, if your partner didn’t work on your relationship, further efforts to make the relationship work will be in vain.

You don’t feel special for them

If the relationship feels like you are dating someone that you don’t feel like THE ONE, then its probably not going to be the last relationship. Feeling more like a friend or roommate is not good and it does not anticipate a healthy and calm relationship.

You dream of being alone or with someone else

A person who dreams of someone else is either single and looking for a partner, or is in a relationship with someone they no longer love. If you found yourself in the second scenario, it is more than clear that you are falling out of love. Take a step forward and decide what you really expect from love. If you are thinking of another person whilst being in a “relationship” with someone you don’t love anymore, talk to them. It’s the best way to move forward and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

You feel they want to spend less time with you

When you see that your beloved one doesn’t reply to your messages the same way they used to before or they just don’t want to hang out with you anymore, this suggests that your partner just wants to be free and you are not their main interest any more. Communication in a relationship is key, but if it gets stuck or it’s not what it used to be, you are not in a healthy relationship. Then it’s no wonder you’re falling out of love. You have a very good reason for it.

You are upset about things you wouldn’t have noticed before

We all have some little things, bad habits and that we ignore at the beginning of the relationship with the partner, we don’t see them or we don’t mind (or they even come cute). But if love subsides, they start to bother us. A lot. And even so that we are not lazy to argue over them.

You know they cheated on you

Nothing hurts more than finding out that the love of your life is cheating or has cheated on you. Many people try to live with that and carry on an almost dead relationship but they never stop thinking about that pain. If you feel that the pain cannot be relieved if you stay by the side of the same person, leave and move on with your life.

Bottom line

If you ever feel like your relationship looks like a dead-end, don’t put away your own happiness to try saving a dying relationship. Falling in love happens every day, as it does with breakups. Life does not end when you are falling out of love. On the contrary, maybe it’s the seed to blossom something more beautiful.

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