How To Open Your Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is central to our system of equilibrium and controls the lungs and the heart. It is the chakra that is responsible for feelings of unconditional love, and feelings of appreciation and kindness as well.

how to open your heart chakra

The feeling of love embodied in this chakra is not limited to love between two partners, but rather a broader sense embracing human love and life. The blocked heart chakra can produce egoistic and resentful feelings.

Anahata’s relation with the air element in our balance is very representative of its work. If we are nervous or suffer an emotional loss, it is normal to experience shortness of breath in search of motivation, as well as the gesture of putting your hands over your heart. Similarly, with an open heart, the healthy heart chakra brings confidence, with a feeling we can face life head-on.

How to open your heart chakra and reach your full potential? Read on.

Free yourself from attachment to the past

Living in “the now” without being tied to the past is important to your heart chakra balance. Nothing is eternal, everything is in constant motion and changing. What you have been through has taught you and helped you to be who you are today.

Be open to changes and fresh insights. If you get caught in the belief that you can’t have something that was in the past, remember that the world is limitless in its possibilities and what defined you in the past does not define you now.

You always have a chance to restore your life, your goals, and your dreams. Maybe not quite as much detail as you imagine, but with the same promise of success and satisfaction. That’s one of the reasons you should start living here and now.

Free yourself from expectations in the future

We often cling to the future, as we cling to the past. It does not help to escape from problems or stress in the present, nor does it bring all the happiness hopes into the future, in a reality that has not yet happened. Concentrate on this very moment. Yes, you may have aspirations for the future but your emphasis on the present is crucial.

My grandmother used to say, “If you stand with one foot in the past and the other is in the future, imagine what happens to the present!” I didn’t understand what she meant until she drew a figure on paper that stood one foot back and the other forward. There was sh*t on the ground between the legs of the figure on the paper, so I asked her what that meant. “This will happen if you have one foot in the past and the other foot in the future.” Do you understand the meaning? It can be both fun but also sad because this really happens to our presence.

Connect with nature

Just as the color of the heart chakra is green, communicating with nature is crucial for our heart chakra balance. It is also a perfect way to remove excess intense energy from your energy field by taking a “natural soak” in addition to calming your heart chakra. Camping in a forest area, surrounding yourself with nature’s green, spending more time with animals, all of this will help open your heart chakra.

If you do not live close to nature or the weather is not good for it to go out, get some green candles, flowers, or potted plants. We all have the opportunity to bring a piece of nature to our homes.

Have you ever encountered the same animal several times in a short time, or have you dreamed of a particular animal for several consecutive nights? It may be a spirit animal that has chosen you! Individuals who have become more conscious or begin to work on themselves spiritually get to know their spirit animal during this time. Spirit animals are our guides and protectors, giving us strength and wisdom.

Hug more

By nature, we are social beings and physical interaction is required for our equilibrium and overall wellbeing. One hug releases oxytocin, a natural antidepressant that calms the entire body. Look to embrace those you love. If you don’t actually have someone to hug, hug yourself. It’s a self-loving act.

You should consider doing volunteer work or assist in animal shelters as well. Ever considered how many children would enjoy a real and warm hug in orphanages and institutions? A hug is a mutual joy, both for you and for others. Opening your heart to a simple touch like a hug is a big step towards opening up your heart chakra.

Heart chakra meditation

Meditation to open the heart chakra is very effective and all you need is a quiet place and a calm mind. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Start with deep breaths and visualizing a bright green light coming from the chest area. Then quietly repeat, “I am opening my heart.” Stay in this state for as long as you like. Are you a beginner and don’t know how to meditate? Read this guide for beginners.

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