Is Dropping An Egg Really Bad Luck? Myths Debunked

Have you ever accidentally dropped an egg before and thought, “Oh, that can’t be a good sign”? Many of us have grown up believing that dropping an egg brings bad luck. But where did that idea come from? Is there any truth to that superstition or are we just needlessly worrying ourselves whenever we fumble a carton of eggs?

The Origins of The Dropped Egg Superstition

The belief that dropping an egg means bad luck dates back centuries. Some theories point to an old wives’ tale that eggs contain life, so breaking one symbolizes loss or death.

Others trace it to pagan Europe, where eggs were seen as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Dropping and breaking one, therefore, represented loss of abundance or even miscarriage.

Ancient Beliefs

In many ancient cultures, eggs were a symbol of new life and fertility. The Egyptians and Persians, for example, dyed eggs in springtime to celebrate renewal. For early Europeans, eggs represented the sun and its life-giving power. Around Easter, people would decorate eggs to welcome spring. So dropping one was seen as wasteful, threatening the renewal of life. Some may have even thought it was a sign of bad weather coming.

A Sign of Witchcraft

During the Middle Ages in Europe, eggs were thought to have magical powers. Some believed witches used eggs in spells and curses. Dropping an egg could be seen as an act of black magic, bringing misfortune. The broken egg was a bad omen.

Other Common Food-Related Superstitions

Believe it or not, dropping an egg isn’t the only food-related superstition out there. Many cultures consider certain edibles to be lucky or unlucky omens.

For example, in some regions, spilling salt is seen as bad luck. The solution? Toss a pinch of salt over your left shoulder. This is meant to blind the devil so he can’t see your mistake.

Bread is another food with superstitious ties. Many believe that cutting or tearing bread in an uneven manner will result in an unlucky outcome. Some go as far as saying that handling bread upside down or dropping crumbs on the floor will bring misfortune.

Certain fruits like apples, grapes, and oranges are thought to symbolize prosperity, fertility, and good health in various cultures. Displaying or gifting these fruits, especially around New Year’s, is meant to bring positive vibes and fortune.

Conversely, some consider bananas to be unlucky. In boating and theater circles, bananas are frowned upon because their similarity to snakes is thought to conjure bad energy. Some even believe that merely mentioning the word ‘banana’ will cause misfortune.

Bad Omen? Not Really..

Don’t sweat it if you drop an egg next time. Broken eggs can feel like a bad omen but we both know that isn’t true. Your luck isn’t changing just cause an egg hit the floor. And just think, now you got a reason to cook yourself up a nice omelet! Superstitions can be tough to get over but you just have to remind yourself it’s all in your head.

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