7 Traits Dominican Guys Like In A Girl

There’s this cute Dominican guy in your class that you’ve got your eye on, but you don’t know how to get his attention. Or maybe you’re already dating a Dominican guy and wanting to rekindle that spark. Especially if you’re not from the same culture, it can be tough knowing how to express your feelings in a way that really clicks with him. But it’s not as hard as you think. All you have to do is adopt a few of these traits:

  • confidence
  • loyalty
  • funny and outgoing
  • family-oriented
  • affectionate
  • passionate
  • meticulous

Confident Women

Dominican men go for confident ladies – women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Make sure to show him your drive and enthusiasm for things. Talk to him about what you’re aiming for in life and what really gets you excited. Let that independent and self-assured side of yours shine on through.

Be Decisive

Don’t be wishy-washy or indecisive. Make concrete plans and share your opinions freely. Dominican men admire a woman who can make up her mind and stand behind her choices. Show him you have the ability to weigh options and choose a clear path forward.

Value Yourself

You have to know your self-worth. Don’t you settle for anything less than you deserve. Dominican guys are totally into ladies who carry themselves with confidence. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and stand up for what you want. While Dominican dudes usually like the traditional stuff like being gentlemanly and taking it slow, they still want a girl who’s her own person. You have to value yourself, respect yourself. Then he will too, for sure.

Flaunt Your Strengths

Dominican women are known for being strong, passionate and independent. Play up those natural qualities and talents. Discuss your accomplishments and the things you excel at with pride. Let your natural charisma, humor and vibrancy shine through. Dominican men love a woman bursting with life who isn’t afraid to put herself on display. Show off all the amazing things that make you, YOU!

Loyalty Is Highly Valued

Dominican men value loyalty and faithfulness above all else in a relationship. They want a woman who will stand by their side through good times and bad, someone they can count on to always have their back.

Loyalty Means Trust

Loyalty builds trust. Your guy needs to feel like he can really depend on you and share what’s on his mind without worrying you’ll run off and tell everyone. Keep talking to each other and be willing to listen without judging. Also, make sure to keep what he tells you private – let him know he can open up without being afraid you’ll blab his secrets or vulnerabilities all over town. When you’ve got that kind of understanding between you, it shows him he can really count on you.

Jealousy Is A Sign of Loyalty

Don’t be surprised if a Dominican man shows signs of jealousy. This is often seen as a sign that he cares deeply for you and values your loyalty. Reassure him of your faithfulness and commitment to the relationship. Let him know that you have eyes only for him. While some jealousy is normal, be wary if it becomes excessive or controlling.

Loyalty Must Be Reciprocated

Dominican guys will be loyal to a fault, but they’ll also want that same loyalty in return. If you want to get with a Dominican man, show him that you’ve got his back no matter what. Be there for him when times are tough, you know, be his shoulder to lean on both emotionally and physically. Loyalty goes both ways, so you have to give just as good as you receive if you want him to commit.

Show Your Fun And Outgoing Side

Dominican guys love a girl who knows how to have a good time. Don’t be afraid to show off your fun, flirty, and outgoing personality. Laugh, smile, joke around, and engage in playful banter. Tease him in an affectionate, good-natured way. Play hard to get at times to build excitement and anticipation.


Flirt openly and compliment him on his looks, style, or talents. Touch his arm when talking or give him a playful push. Make eye contact, bat your eyelashes and smile coyly. Dance together, whether at a club or in your living room. Move your body to the music in a sensual way.

Show Your Vibrant Side

Learn some salsa or merengue moves to really impress him. Dominican culture is vibrant, colorful and passionate. Share stories of your exciting hobbies, travels, and adventures to show you have an adventurous spirit. Try new restaurants, see live shows, go on thrill rides together. Experience life fully and without restraint. Make every moment count by living in the present.

Take Pride In Your Appearance

Dominican men appreciate a woman who takes good care of herself. They like it when you put in effort to look your best. This means styling your hair, wearing flattering clothes that accentuate your best features, makeup, perfume, manicured nails—the works.

Looking polished shows that you value yourself and your appearance. Dominican guys find this very attractive. When getting ready for a date or just to hang out, choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and sexy. Play around with your hair and try different styles to keep things interesting.

Even if you’re just casually hanging out at home, do little things to enhance your attractiveness like a face mask, painting your nails or tweezing your eyebrows. Your man will notice the extra touches and appreciate your beauty. Staying in shape by exercising and eating right is also important. Dominican men love a woman with curves, so embrace your body and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Embrace Family Values

Dominican men are very family-oriented. They value close relationships with their parents, siblings, and extended family. If you want to win the affection of a Dominican guy, show interest in his family and be willing to spend time with them.

His family’s opinion of you matters a great deal, so make an effort to get to know them. Ask him questions about his family and be engaged when he talks about them. When you do meet them, be friendly, helpful and show them respect. Compliment his mother’s cooking or offer to help clean up after a family meal. Little gestures like these will win you points and demonstrate that family is important to you, too.

Dominican families tend to be very close-knit, so expect family events, holidays and casual visits to be a big part of your relationship. Be willing to attend family parties, dinners and other events. While it may sometimes feel overwhelming, making an effort to embrace his family will strengthen your connection and build trust in the relationship.


Dominican men admire a woman who values her independence and personal growth. They like a girl who has her own interests, hobbies, friends, and ambitions beyond the relationship.

While Dominican guys can be protective of their partners, they don’t want a woman who is co-dependent or clingy. A girl who constantly needs attention and reassurance may come across as insecure or high maintenance. Instead, show him that you have a fulfilling life of your own. Let him know you have big dreams and goals for your future that extend beyond romance.

When it comes to your relationship, be willing to meet in the middle when it makes sense. Dominican guys want someone who really cares about family and being a team. Although having your own thing is cool, also show you can help out, give affection, and put the relationship and kids first if it comes to that. It’s all about balancing doing your own thing and also being there for your person. You have to find that sweet spot.


Dominican men are typically very affectionate and expressive in relationships. They will shower you with gifts, quality time, and compliments. Expect lots of hugs, hand-holding, and cheek kisses as signs of affection.

In turn, don’t be too distant from him. Show him how caring you are. Hold hands when you’re out or even give him a little kiss. Sometimes surprise him with a big hug and let him know how much he means to you. Even simple things like playing with his hair when you’re sitting together, I’m sure he’d appreciate the affection.

The affection and adoration may take some getting used to, especially if you’re from a culture where public displays of affection and lavish gifts are less common. But allowing him to express himself in these ways and reciprocating will make him feel loved and secure in the relationship. Dominican men have a lot of love to give, so prepare to be doted on!

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