Key Points About the Outer Space Strain

Are you a cannabis enthusiast on a quest to try something new? If so, then the Outer Space strain could be worth a try. However, before giving it a chance, the chances are that you’d like to learn a few things about it. Does it live up to the hype surrounding it? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Outer Space Strain?

Outer Space is a hybrid sativa strain that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. As its name suggests, this strain can lift your mood to unimaginable heights. The sativa Outer Space is a blend of the Trinity Sativa and the Island Sweet Skunk strains. It gives you the kind of high that leaves you in control.

Notable Things about the Outer Space Strain


The outer space strain flowers are medium to large in size and have an irregular shape. Its buds have a similar structure as those of indica buds. They are dense and well-coiffed. The leaves are somewhat bright-green with orange and red hairs.

If you wonder why they have hairs, these are pollen-catching pistils. The strain’s nooks and crannies have white trichomes. You’d need a grinder to break and refine them.

Outer Strain THC levels

THC levels are always a concern for cannabis lovers. The Outer Space strain has a high level of THC ranging between 19% and 21%. With most strains levels averaging at 14.6%, the Outer Space strain is a potent one.


The Outer space strain has an enticing aroma. It has a hint of lavender and sage with some herbal characteristics. If you smell it closely you will also discern a pleasant fruity scent. Many people liken it to oranges and berries. Whatever it is, it is likely to leave you with a craving for more.

After it combusts in a pipe, it gives an alluring smoke that is easy to ingest and as you exhale, you can’t help but appreciate the sweet smell.


The Sativa outer space strain tends to be strong. However, you can smoke it and carry out your daily activities without any qualms. After smoking, the outer-space feeling kicks in gradually. In a few minutes, users tend to feel as if they are floating in the cosmos.

You start to feel your mood elevating as your mind and body relax. This strain allows you to tap into your creativity as it injects you with fresh ideas. Also, its cerebral stimulation helps you to tackle analytical tasks with ease.

If you are an active and impulsive person, sativa Outer Space induces a high that calms down. When you smoke it, you feel like you want to take things easy.

It can also encourage you to stay awake when toked late into the night.

Sometimes you want to try something new and refreshing. This is a great time to try the Outer Space cannabis strain.

Put your usual marijuana aside for a moment and try the Outer Space strain. It might even become your favorite cannabis.

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