Life Path Number 9: Meaning & Life Mission

Each number carries a certain energy and life path number is no exception. Our life path number tells us about the direction we will go in life, in which way we will excel, what are our weaknesses or, conversely, our strengths. Life path number is one of the most important numbers in numerology.

life path number 9

To find out your life path number, start by adding the digits of the month, day and year until you reach a single digit. If your birthday is March 26, 1987, your life path number is 9. March is the third month, so 3+2+6+1+9+8+7=36. Then we simply add up 3+6 which makes number nine.

Your Life Path Number 9

Nine is a number of humanity, understanding, compassion, and altruism. This figure symbolizes ingenuity, honesty, grandeur, willingness to help, but also spiritual strength, interest in mysticism and mystery, philosophy and art. The number nine has great ritual and magical meaning, it is the number of completion, wisdom and analytical understanding.

Nine is also the number of universal love, faith, karma, and cosmic laws. This number is dedicated to humanitarian ideas, high ideals, and compassion. In a negative sense, it can mean disconnection, lethargy, and inability to focus or concentrate.

For people with a life path number 9, material security is not a major life priority. For them, understanding, friendship, and love are more important values. They are contemplative people who care about truth as a value. A very important life question for them is responsibility. These people are usually not fully aware of the depth of their personality and their wisdom. Their participation, abilities, and understanding will not be fully manifested until they begin to pass on their knowledge and abilities to others. 

They are great teachers and mentors. Their job in life is to learn not to give in too much and to find a balance between receiving and giving. They are not the type of person who gives and expects to receive something in return. Often they are selfless and try to help others, even if it costs them some loss (money, time, energy, reputation).

People with a life path number nine can do practically many kinds of things and jobs because they have been endowed with universal energy. These people are above average and sometimes tend to sacrifice for others and become too exhausted. Their dedication and hard work can be destructive for themselves. 

The negative characteristics of these people with a life number of nine can be certain of their hypersensitivity, loneliness, tension, overworking, a tendency to illusions. Number nine contains attributes of all previous numbers, so it is a number of great possibilities and abilities but also confusion, stress, and chaos.

Famous people with life path number 9

John Lennon, Mother Teresa, John Brown, Tyra Banks, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman or Sharon Stone.

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