How To Let Go of The Past and Past Hurts

You barely know what you’ll do tomorrow or in the upcoming summer, but you remember everything from your past. You keep telling what it was like, remembering where you were, with whom, while losing your ability to enjoy this very present moment. Isn’t it time to start living your life now and here?

How To Let Go of The Past and Past Hurts

My longtime friend described this situation very aptly. She said people who are always in the past have an anchor tied to their feet that pulls them to the bottom and prevents them from moving forward. But it’s not because someone else tied it to their leg. It is they who have tied it up and are always in one place. And because the anchor pulls them down and limits them in motion, they can’t even enjoy the moments of the present, or just simply ignore the present moment.

The past is a moment that has already happened. If something positive, pleasant or happy happened, you have no reason not to think or remember it. In fact, such memories increase our personal vibrations. However, if something negative or painful happened, learn to let go and move forward. It lowers your personal vibrations, stresses you, it causes your very negative emotions, and if you live too long in the past, it can very negatively affect your physical health as well.

Realize the value of your life

Evaluate the last weeks or months of your affliction about your past. Has it increased or decreased your confidence? Did it help you in self-development and move you forward? In all likelihood, it did not take you a step further and did not bring anything positive to your life.

Recognize the value of your life and decide forever to break away from the past, which prevents you from realizing how valuable your life is and what you really deserve. You deserve more joy, happiness, and love, and to completely free yourself from the past, which is just a simple past; something cannot change.

Perform a ritual

Another great way to let go of the past is to perform a ritual that will help you with that. Sit down and write a letter to yourself. Describe why you feel that way and why you want to make a change. At the end of this letter write “I am letting go of my past and past hurts”.

Either burn this letter, throw it down the hill or get rid of it in any other way. By writing this letter and then getting rid of it, you also get rid of your attachment to your past.

Focus on what you can change at the moment

Have you ever heard the old saying “don’t cry over spilled milk”? This saying speaks indirectly that we should not cry or mourn over something that happened. If you spill milk, you will most likely not take it from the ground back into the glass, but pour new milk.

Don’t regret anything you did or didn’t do in the past, because that was your decision at the time. You have no reason to stand one leg in the past and the other in the future because you overlook the beauty of the present moment and deal with something you cannot change. Accept the fact that you cannot change your past, but you can change your future by the actions you do in the present. Start focusing on what you can change at this present moment.

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