Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 And Their Deeper Meaning

Master Numbers carry the potential for greatness; great success and achievement or great failure and destruction.

There is no shortage of excitement when Master Numbers are in a chart, as they are an intensification of energy. They are visually represented as the same digit twice (e.g., 11) and, as such, a multiple of that energy.

master numbers 11 22 33

It may help you to get a sense of the energy to think of Master Numbers as being 11 times as powerful as the single-digit digit it is made up of. If you consider this in terms of each number being a ray of light shining from a torch at you, the brilliance of a Master Number would be 11 torches shining light at you which would be a considerably brighter and more intense experience.

Everything a simple number does, a Master Number does to a greater degree. If a simple number gave you the capacity to be a capable leader, the Master Number variant would give you the capacity to be a great leader. But all numbers, including Master Numbers, can be expressed in a negative fashion and in the example above, the person who was a bullying leader with the simple number becomes a despotic tyrant with the Master Number variant.

Hopefully, you can now appreciate the significance of these unique vibrations. Below we will look at the individual interpretations of the first three Master Numbers, namely 11, 22, and 33 (remember that 44 is not a master number!)

Master Number 11 – The Master Achiever

A direct translation of the Master Number 11 would give us both the self-focussed on itself and its accomplishments and achievements and also the individual leading others. It is also the Master Number with the most transition binaries (numbers such as 29 which, when the individual digits are added together, produce the final number, in this case, 11). Therefore it should come as no surprise that this number is very common in the charts of those that rise to fame and high status through what they achieve in whatever they have chosen to excel at.

Those with 11 dominant in their charts tend to be creative and intelligent and can inspire people, for better or for worse. As an example, Adolf Hitler had 11 prominent in his chart, as did Winston Churchill. For those that are religious in nature, it is interesting to note that Jesus is an 11 vibration. If egos are not held in check, an 11 can be self-centered and arrogant.

master number 22
master number 22

Master Number 22 – The Master Builder

If we look at the formation of Master Number 22 we can interpret it as strong partnership supported with understanding and flexibility to produce structure and stability. Hence the name Master Builder or maybe even the Master Partner would be appropriate. This Master Number is not about creating or conceiving new ideas but rather about giving shape and form to these ideas, about taking a dream and manifesting it into reality. The things that are built do not always have to be physical structures like houses, but could be musical compositions or codes of conduct. It achieves these masterpieces through steadfast hard work, discipline, and routine mixed with a superb ability to balance the resources available and the needs of the stakeholders of any project.

Those with 22 dominant in their charts tend to be hard workers, sure and steady, but very personable too. Of course, the negative aspect of this vibration could result in something being built that is not in the interests of mankind or, alternatively, in someone determined and capable of destruction. These goals may be achieved through deception and duplicity. Many famous singers have this vibration prominent in their chart as two is the first vibration of music and multiplying this by 11 gives structure to that musical ability along with the discipline and self-control associated with the 22. Elvis Aaron Presley and Frank Sinatra are just two of many examples of this.

master number 33

Master Number 33 – The Master Communicator

If you thought a numerology 3 could talk your ear off, you just wait till you come across a Master Number 33! One difference is that the 33 will communicate with such style and artistry that you will often beg them to keep going when they choose to stop. This ability to communicate the world’s beauty in such a way that generates joy and happiness in others means many famous musicians, poets, actors, and singers have 33 prominent in their charts.

Those who are channeling the 33 energy in its highest form may approach the perfect integration of mind, body, and spirit. But, given that 3 is all about self-expression, and this is intensified here, and the fact that 6 is associated with sex, a Master Number 33 can descend into the depths of sexual debauchery. Thus, if you have Master Number 33 in your charts, then you will want to be very wary of not succumbing to this temptation. Always follow the path of love and try to steer clear of lust. Read more about Master Number 33 in our article.

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery, and Bob Hope are some well-known celebrities who strongly carry the 33 vibrations within them.

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