The Montignac Diet: Healthy and Effective Weight Loss Method

If you are looking for a diet during which you do not have to count calories, enjoy good food and still lose weight healthily, the Montignac Method is the right diet for you.

The author of this popular diet is Dr. Michael Montignac, who, after careful research, came to the conclusion that the reason for gaining weight is not meals with too high caloric value, but their wrong composition. 

The author defined the glycemic index of products (GI) and divided carbohydrates into two groups: good (low GI) and bad (high GI). The Montignac method is based on the appropriate selection of food products. It does not require restrictions on the amount of food consumed, or meticulous counting of calories consumed.

the montignac diet method

The right choice of food products allows you to eat to your heart’s content and lose weight. When choosing products, one should stick to their glycemic index, which is specified in the Montignac table of products. Therefore, in order to lose weight without feeling hungry, you should stick to the following rules. 

First, you should never combine high GI foods with fats in one meal. The basic principle of this Montignac diet is that we never combine carbohydrates with fats in our meals.

After a meal containing carbohydrates, wait at least three hours before eating anything that contains fat. You should also completely eliminate sugar from the diet, but the use of a sweetener (non-sugar or stevia-based) is allowed. You should also eliminate potatoes and white rice, limit strong coffee, black tea, alcohol, and sweetened sodas. You should eat three meals a day, dinner must be before 6 p.m., and you should drink non-carbonated mineral water between meals.

Do not drink immediately before or during meals. 

Breakfast should be based on carbohydrate products with a small amount of protein; lunch should be rich in protein and fat. And dinner should be a carbohydrate-protein or protein-fat meal. Fruit should be eaten separately and preferably on an empty stomach, only whole grain bread is allowed, and pasta should always be semi-hard (al dente). Meals should be composed so as not to combine meat with groats and pasta.

We should eat meat only with raw or cooked vegetables. It is best to drink juices from fresh fruit and prepare them just before consumption. You should eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables and dishes that use fresh herbs. You should also limit the consumption of saturated fat as much as possible and replace it with unsaturated fats, which have a positive effect on health.

The Montignac diet consists of the appropriate composition of food products so that only those products that are easily digestible together and do not remain in the stomach are combined. 

How much will I lose with the Montignac method?

During this diet, you lose quite slowly, about 1 kilogram per week, but the effects are permanent. Diet with this method allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms and maintain proper body weight. In addition, the proper intake of fats, recommended in this diet, protects the heart and blood vessels. By combining the products properly, this diet helps to improve the physical and mental condition of the body.

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