Places To Visit On The Caribbean Island of Bonaire

The Caribbean is renowned for the freshness of its waters, its extension in the territory of South America, and for the warmth of its beautiful beaches. Not to mention the diversification of its marine fauna, which happily inhabits those depths. For such characteristics, the Caribbean Sea is a point of stay for many travelers or tourists.

For that reason, the Caribbean being so vast, in this post, we will tell you about an island, located in the Antilles off the west coast of Venezuela, which is called Bonaire. Simply, a charming island, with high temperatures, but with a warm and tropical climate. In addition, it offers attractions and tourist sites to entertain the family on a July and August vacation.

So, get ready to know even more about the different famous and touristic sites around the Caribbean island of Bonaire, such as the following.  To visit this fabulous island, it is necessary to pay a tourist tax called Bonaire tourist tax.

Visit the Slaves’ Huts

As the first place on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, you can explore everything related to the Slave Huts, which is shown as an ancient site, created during the time of slavery, during the year 1850, where those slaves spent their days.

The curious thing about this tourist site on the island are the towers or mountains of salt that can be seen in the surroundings of the cabins, which give an atmosphere of another universe. It should be added that these quantities of salt were transported by slaves as an export product of Bonaire.

On the other hand, the Slaves’ Huts capture the attention of visitors because of its four obelisks, which are adorned with the Dutch flag, being red, white, blue and orange. Simply, an ideal experience to share and take some good pictures.

Marvel at the Donkey Sanctuary

You would never imagine that the island of Bonaire has a sanctuary dedicated to the breeding, care and reproduction of donkeys. The impressive thing about this tourist site is the number of donkeys that are housed, which has an estimate of 600 or more donkeys.

Then, the Donkey Sanctuary promotes some guides, who will give the task of commenting on curiosities about the life of these animals. In this way, tourists can learn about their habitat, feeding and medical care.

You will also be able to join the donkeys in an extensive park provided by the Sanctuary. In this way, the donkeys will approach the visitors, placing their snouts on the windows of your car or on the palm of your hand. Also, you will be able to feed them with carrots and walk with them due to the ease of freedom that Bonaire provides for them.

However, the sanctuary not only offers a visit to the beloved donkeys, but also to other animals, such as iguanas and turtles. There is also a beautiful view of the salt lake near Kralendijk.

Relax and have fun with the small island of Klein Bonaire

Bonaire, in its capital Kralendijk, at its northern end, there is a small island called Klein Bonaire. This little piece of land is uninhabited, and the only thing that shelters in this place are 54 different species of animals, among them incredible sea turtles.

For this reason, Klein Bonaire represents a unique natural space for water sportsmen, such as divers and snorkelers. This way, they will be able to enjoy observing the Caribbean marine fauna and, at the same time, the species of the three salt lakes of the natural enclave.

Explore the waters of Lac Bay

Lac Bay is an extensive area of open waters, where a blue lagoon of about 700 hectares is located. In addition, it offers two peninsulas, such as Lac Cai and Sorobon, which are frequented by tourists for windsurfing and diving activities through its warm waters.

In addition, this impressive natural space is surrounded by mangroves, which constitute an amazing amount of birds and mammals. This high population of animals is found in those mangroves due to the food and nutrition it provides them. Simply put, the diversity of trees, plants, and animals is crucial for the continuity of their life cycle. 

The best Terramar Museum in Bonaire

If your tastes include a love of art and literature, you’ll love a stroll through the Terramar Museum, located in the center of Kralendijk. This archaeological site, full of history, has incredible books, exhibits, and artifacts dating back more than 7000 years.

It is worth mentioning that each piece exhibited in the Terramar Museum tells the story of the events of the first Amerindian settlers in the Caribbean region, specifically on the island of Bonaire. Inside the museum they usually apply events and dramatizations about those events in history.

Enter Marine National Park, a favorite among tourists

It is considerable to explore the Bonaire National Marine Park by means of excursions or tours, with these guides, you will enjoy learning and studying all about the conservation of the marine resources that live around this Caribbean island.

Therefore, you will travel by boat or snorkel to tour every part of the National Marine Park, and discover tropical fish and mammals along the shores. Also, this park will include a lookout point and a lagoon with a large population of flamingos.

Get to know the old town of Rincón

Finally, we have a remarkable place to visit on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, which is called Rincon. It consists of an ancient village, formerly inhabited by slaves. In addition, it is important to mention that this site is located in the northwest of the island and was built by Spaniards in the early sixteenth century.

Currently, it is a town with a few inhabitants, with its churches and colonial houses, which are visited by tourists, where you will marvel at the preserved infrastructure, which is designed in a European style. Also, you will be amazed with drinks made of cactus and with the indigenous gastronomy that abound with peculiar dishes for the palate of travelers.

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