Spiritual Meaning of Pooping In A Dream (Money, Letting Go, Releasing Burdens)

Although pooping is a very private subject that not everyone wants to talk about openly, millions of people around the world dream about it and wonder what it could mean.

And as strange as this may sound, there is a spiritual meaning to pooping in dreams. While some people believe that pooping in dreams means money and wealth, most dream experts see pooping as an act of relieving yourself or getting rid of something that no longer belongs in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of Pooping In A Dream

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, pooping in a dream is seen as a sign of letting go, getting rid of burdens, and even money!

It is believed that when you poop in a dream (in the toilet, in nature, or anywhere else), you are getting rid of what no longer serves you. It could indicate that you are getting rid of (or that it is time to get rid of) a bad habit, a specific person, or self-limiting thoughts. Like poop, what was or still is in your life isn’t meant to stay forever.

Furthermore, pooping symbolizes getting rid of some burden that has been making your life difficult. It could be a sign that you will pay off the debt soon or that something will happen that will make you feel as if someone has lifted a heavy burden off your shoulders.

We all go through something different in life, and it’s not always easy to say what it is. But one thing is certain – the act of pooping in a dream represents lightness and perhaps a feeling of being reborn.

Dreaming of Poop And Money

In many cultures, people believe that human (sometimes even animal) waste represents wealth. Poop has always been seen as a symbol of fertility and wealth, and that’s why dreaming of poop is said to mean money, abundance, and good fortune.

When you poop in your dream, it could either mean an improvement in your financial situation or unexpected luck, such as winning a lottery or an unexpected inheritance.

Much like pooping comes when it’s convenient, and if we don’t use a laxative, we can’t choose when we go to the bathroom, this could be something unexpected and probably surprising.

dream about pooping
Pooping dream meaning

Shame And Guilt

To dream of pooping represents some type of shame or guilt. Perhaps you are feeling ashamed of something you did, especially if you dream about pooping in front of others. Or, it could mean that you have a negative thought or feeling about yourself for some reason.

Dreaming about defecating could also mean that you are feeling unsure of yourself and your body in some way. You may be worrying about your appearance, your teeth, or your weight, and your subconscious depicts this in your dreams through the symbol of pooping.

Blood In Your Dream

In dreams, blood is often associated with cleansing, purification, and physical health. If you remember seeing blood in your pooping dream, it could indicate an improvement in your physical health, probably, as mentioned, a sense of lightness or relief.

It could indicate that you will soon feel healthy again (getting rid of gas or constipation.) If you are after surgery, the removal of a growth, or the extraction of a rotten tooth, I do see this as a symbol of relief.

Feeling Pain While Pooping

A dream about feeling pain while pooping could mean that you are unable to relax and your mind is preoccupied with some thought or worry. You may find it difficult to let go of something or someone because you can’t imagine life without it.

Pain in a dream represents pressure or an excessive effort to do something or, conversely, not to do something. When you feel it while pooping, it represents an effort to prevent something or your stubbornness not to give up on something, no matter what pain or problems it causes you.


That being said, pooping in dreams symbolizes relief, letting go, or releasing some heavy burden from your shoulders. The meaning of your dream, however, also depends on how you perceive pooping. If you find it disgusting or avoid talking about it, it could be more about your feelings of embarrassment or guilt.

Spiritually, however, pooping is seen as a positive omen, both for your physical and mental health and for your wallet!

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