Recognizing Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

When a loved one dies, it is always a huge wound for a person that takes a lot of time to heal. Some people, however, believe that the person who died did not leave for good; only that his soul body was separated from the physical one.

Recognizing Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

Maybe, for this reason, some people try to connect with the deceased or contact them in any way. Some, on the other hand, claim that their loved one has come to visit them on their own and they have evidence of this. Although each of us may have a different view of this and these claims are not scientifically substantiated and have no official explanation, it is good to have an open mind because there are several claims that souls of our deceased loved ones are among us and occasionally draw attention to their presence through several signs.

How to tell if the deceased loved one is nearby?

Known fragrance

The first very common sign that a deceased loved one is nearby is a familiar smell. It could be the scent of their favorite perfume, the food they loved, the cigarette smoke, or the scent of a lime tree they liked to sit under.

My friend’s mother, who died four years ago, was a highly respected baker, and her daughter felt the scent of gingerbread literally everywhere and very often, day and night, a few months after her death. Her mom showed her presence through this very specific scent and she made it clear that she was nearby.

Revelation in a dream

Dreams are a gateway to our unconscious, and often there is some illogicality that we rarely can decipher. However, a very frequent phenomenon is also the revelation of our loved ones who have died in our dreams.

We can either see their entire body and face or just feel their presence. They are trying to tell us something or convey some message through dreams, and because their message may not always be direct, try to remember as much detail as possible from the dream.

Did you see them in the water or on land? How were they dressed? What were their emotions? Every detail is important.

Repeating Number Sequences

Repeating sequence numbers are known as angel numbers. However, our deceased loved ones also use this way and show their presence through some repetitive numbers.

The most common number sequences are 2’s, 3’s and 7’s, and can be seen anywhere, for example on a digital clock, license plate, or store receipt.

Moving With Objects or Personal Belongings

Has it ever happened to you that you put your wallet you got from your grandmother on the table, but after a long search you found it in the bathroom, on the bed, or in a completely different place?

It is very common for the deceased to move with your personal belongings, especially those that they have given you. They just want to draw attention to themselves, to show that they are nearby.

What is your experience with signs from your deceased close ones? Do you see any of these signs often?

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