Why Scorpio Men Are Drawn To Innocent Women

scorpio man likes innocence

Scorpio men have a reputation for being drawn to innocent women. Not in a way like she just got out of jail. More like she helps lighten him up inside since Scorpios can be a little dark sometimes.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to like good girls. But why do you always hear about Scorpio guys wanting them the most? Is there something else going on there, something not so nice, maybe? It does make you wonder. Scorpios are one mysterious bunch, that’s for certain, and here’s why they’d rather go out with an innocent girl than an ambitious and strong one.

Trust And Vulnerability

A Scorpio man places a high value on honesty and loyalty in a relationship. More than anything, he wants to feel comfortable being fully open and sharing all parts of himself with his partner. An innocent woman’s purity and naiveté give them the sense that he can expose even their darkest secrets without repercussion. Her guilelessness makes him feel he can let down his guard.

Purity and innocence are attractive qualities in a woman for a Scorpio man. Not in a strange or concerning way, but because it puts him at ease. A woman who has not experienced much of the ugliness in life will not make assumptions about his character. Her guilelessness allows him to feel safe, dropping the tough exterior he shows the world. With an innocent nature, he feels confident sharing the most vulnerable parts of his psyche.

A Blank Canvas

An innocent woman is like a blank canvas onto which a Scorpio man can project his desires and ideals. He sees her as moldable and receptive to his influence. The chance to shape her opinions and introduce her to new experiences appeals to his controlling nature. At the same time, her fresh outlook gives him new insights into himself and the world.

Protective Instinct

The astrological Scorpion takes his role as a protector very seriously. When he meets a kind, innocent woman, it really taps into his natural instincts. He wants to shield her from all the dangers in the world and keep her pure heart from experiencing negativity. It gives him a sense of pride to be the one watching over her and ensuring nothing bad ever comes her way.

At the same time, being someone’s guardian also makes a Scorpio man feel needed. He likes the responsibility of guiding a sweet woman and teaching her about life. Having someone rely on him in this way feeds his ego in a good way. It gives his life a sense of meaning to protect his loved one.

Of course, he has to be careful not to go overboard with his protectiveness. If he becomes too possessive or controlling of the woman, that’s not healthy for either person. She needs space to grow and experience things on her own, too. As long as he can find a balance and not be overbearing, his strong instinct to shield someone can be a real asset in a relationship.

They Like To Be In Control

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio men have an intense need to feel in control of their emotions and environment. They like innocence in a partner because it gives them a sense of power and authority in the relationship.

Scorpios also enjoy the challenge of nurturing and guiding an innocent woman. They take pride in being the ones who introduce her to new experiences and perspectives. There is a sense of control and possession that comes with shaping the outlook of someone who is still discovering the world.

An innocent woman will look to a Scorpio man for guidance, allowing him to take the lead and steer the relationship in the direction he wants. He enjoys being the more experienced partner who can shape and influence her views and introduce her to new ideas or ways of thinking. He likes feeling that she depends on him to learn about life.


While the desire to protect and nurture such women can stem from good intentions, there is often an underlying tendency for Scorpios to manipulate others.

They feel everything so deeply and throw their whole heart into everything. But they also have a streak of jealousy, possessiveness and desire for control. Innocent women who lack guile or manipulation themselves can unintentionally trigger these impulses in a Scorpio man. He may feel the need to “protect” her from outside influences or try to shape her to fit his ideal.

His initial attraction to an innocent woman’s purity and goodness of heart can shift into a desire to own and dominate her. He may begin testing her boundaries or exploiting her trusting nature to get what he wants. Over time, subtle forms of manipulation like emotional blackmail, guilt trips, and control of finances or social life can creep into the relationship.

My Advice

When dealing with a Scorpio, you always have to set your boundaries and be willing to say no. With these Scorpios, you never really know what they’re thinking. They’re so complicated and secretive that it’s hard to tell if they like you because you balance out their dark side, like sunshine on a rainy day, or if they just want power over you. Either way, don’t let a Scorpio walk all over you. Keep them at arm’s length if you can’t get a good read on their intentions. Protect yourself first.

Don’t forget – your innocence is a blessing, not something they can take advantage of.

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