The Dangers of Astral Projection You Should Know

You’ve probably heard about astral projection and how people claim they can will their souls out of their physical bodies. Who wouldn’t want to float around without their body and spy on people?

The whole concept is fascinating, but before you try slipping out of your skin, you better know the dangers. I always encourage everyone interested in this practice to think twice before they go cosmic traveling.

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is an experience where your spirit (aka. astral body) separates from your physical body. Your astral body is connected to your physical one by a silver cord, allowing you to explore the astral plane and even parts of the physical world.

The Astral Plane

The astral plane is a higher dimension that coexists with our physical world. It’s where our astral bodies travel during astral projection. This plane is filled with spiritual beings, the energies of the physical world, and the energies of the spiritual worlds.

While astral projecting, you can encounter other astral travelers or spiritual beings. You may see vivid colors and experience a sense of bliss, calmness, and love. The astral plane holds many mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

The Dangers of Astral Projection

Although fascinating, astral projection does come with risks. As you explore the astral plane, you can get lost or stranded outside your physical body. If your silver cord is severed, you may face difficulties returning to your physical form. Malevolent entities can also attach themselves to you, follow you back, and create problems.

Disorientation And Getting Lost

When you astral project, your astral body separates from your physical body. If you wander too far or get distracted, it can be easy to become disoriented and lost. Your silver cord connects you to your physical body, but if that cord is severed, you may have trouble finding your way back. You always have to keep your destination in mind and don’t travel too far until you become very experienced.

Negative Spiritual Encounters

The astral realm is populated by many beings, not all of which have good intentions. You may encounter negative or malevolent spirits who try to deceive, frighten, or even harm you. Before you travel, you have to protect yourself by envisioning a shield of white light surrounding you before you astral project. Call on your spirit guides for help if you feel threatened.

Health And Addiction Risks

Frequent or prolonged travel can negatively impact your physical and mental health. Your physical body is left unprotected while you wander the astral plane, and lack of sleep or rest can cause health issues.

Some people even become addicted to the sensations and experiences of astral travel, withdrawing from physical life. Then they start blowing off real-life things just to go traveling in the astral realm. Before you know it, dishes are piling up and calls are going unanswered while they’re off on another “trip”.

My advice would be to keep it to once or twice a week max. You don’t want to get so spaced out that you neglect your daily duties. Stay grounded and enjoy the rides, but don’t forget about plain old physical reality either.

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How To Astral Project Safely

Astral projection is generally safe to do, but you want to make sure you’re careful so nothing bad happens and you can get back to your physical body.

Prepare Your Surroundings

Ensure your physical body will be undisturbed while you journey out of body. Let housemates know you do not wish to be disturbed. Lock your doors and unplug the phone.

Invite Your Spiritual Guides & Use Crystals

Before you go on your astral travels, make sure to call in your spiritual guides to look after you. Get some good healing crystals around you, too, for extra protection – amethyst is always a nice one to have nearby, as well as obsidian, citrine, and rose quartz. Crystals can boost your energy and help keep you safe.

Set Your Intention

Focus your mind on exploring the astral realm and gaining spiritual insight. Picture yourself leaving your physical body and traveling to the astral plane. Visualize your astral body floating up and out of your physical body. Setting a clear intention will help guide you to have a meaningful experience.

Be Aware of Your Energy Body And Subtle Senses

Your astral body may feel lighter and more fluid. You may see colors or hear sounds not perceptible in a normal waking state. Stay calm and focused on your intention. Do not get distracted by strange sensations or appearances. Remain centered on your purpose for astral travel.

Don’t Engage With Any Entities or Beings Your Encounter

Especially in the lower astral planes, do not engage with any being you meet. Do not follow any voices or presences that demand your attention or obedience. Avoid expressing fear, as that emotion can attract undesirable astral beings.

Maintain A Connection To Your Physical Body

Imagine an astral cord connecting your astral and physical bodies that keeps you grounded and enables a safe return. When ready to return, visualize re-entering your physical body, then open your physical eyes.

Is Astral Protection Dangerous?

Astral projection is not dangerous if you know how to do it properly and safely. The key is to be experienced, know your limits, and take the right precautions. For those new to the practice, I would not recommend attempting it on your own.

When done correctly, astral projection can be a peaceful and enlightening experience that allows you to explore beyond your physical body. However, there are risks if you project without sufficient knowledge and preparation. The astral plane contains all kinds of entities, some positive and some negative. If you do not know how to protect yourself, you could potentially have an unpleasant encounter.

Can You Die From Astral Projection?

No, you cannot actually die from astral projection itself. However, there are a few scenarios where you could potentially be in danger while your consciousness is projecting.

The most important thing is to have a safe environment for your physical body while projecting. Make sure you are comfortable and undisturbed and that no one can harm you while you are “out of body.” If someone were to injure your physical form while your consciousness is projecting, that could potentially cause harm or even be life-threatening in very rare cases.

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