Best Crystals And Stones To Use For Fear & Anxiety

The causes of fear or anxiety can be different. While someone is strongly influenced by the weather or seasons, especially autumn and winter, which are dark and not very cheerful, other people experience these states due to disappointment or negative experiences from the past.

There are a number of ways to manage and relieve fear and anxiety, or at least reduce these conditions, and one of them is gemstones and crystals. Our ancestors already knew that certain stones radiate specific energies and vibrations that will help us change our lives for the better, alleviate pain, fear, and anxiety, or heal.

What gemstones and crystals are best for fear and anxiety?

crystals for fear and anxiety


As its name suggests, this stone carries warm and bright solar energy. It is one of the best stones to dispel melancholic thoughts, fear, and anxiety. The sunstone will give you more courage, confidence, and teach you to say “no.

Sunstone belongs to the group of protective stones, so it is advisable to always carry it with you wherever you go, either in a pocket or in the form of a piece of jewelry. It will effectively protect you from the energies that previously caused you to fear and help you improve your mood at seasons such as autumn and winter when people experience seasonal depressions.


Citrine is another stone that belongs to the planet Sun and has a yellow to yellow-brown color. Citrine is considered a crystal of happiness and abundance because it has the ability to help attract abundance and happiness to those who own it.

Citrine, like Sunstone, carries warm energy and supplies its owner with positive energy. This stone helps to overcome states of fear, restlessness, and anxiety. It also increases our self-confidence and reduces excessive sensitivity, often causing fear. Finally, Citrine helps fight the nightmares that are often the result of our fears and anxieties.

In terms of astrology, Citrine is an ideal stone for Gemini, Taurus, Leo, and Virgo.

Green Opal

Green Opal is a stone that will help you in your daily life. It is a stone with subtle energies, having a grounding ability. In addition to helping you release fear and anxiety, this stone will also help amplify your spiritual experiences (such as communicating with your higher self or meditating).

In terms of physical health, Green Opal strengthens our immune system, making us more resistant to various diseases. People who are afraid of various diseases or viruses should always carry this stone with them.

Amethyst bracelet by @romavor (pixabay)


Amethyst is a mighty stone, and in the past, it was often worn in the form of jewelry by people of the highest classes. Amethyst occurs in a beautiful, soft purple color, and its energy is very harmonious and soothing. This beautiful stone gives us a sense of security and hope and awakens intuition in us.

In addition to helping reduce fear and anxiety, Amethyst is also used to cleanse living spaces of negative energies that amplify our fears. Amethyst is a very popular stone not only because it looks beautiful as a piece of jewelry but also as a design decor for your home.

If you suffer from frequent nervousness or stress, always carry Amethyst with you. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, hold this stone in one or both hands and stay still for a while.


Thulite is not a well-known stone, and most of you may have heard of it for the first time; however, it deserves your attention. This pink stone, radiating the warm energy of love and harmony, helps reduce fear, anxiety, shyness, and diffidence. Thulite is best suited for people who need to communicate a lot, such as journalists, operators, or teachers, and people who are afraid to speak or communicate.

Thulite has the ability to relieve tension and suppress negative thought patterns that often cause fears and anxieties. This stone also increases our self-esteem and self-confidence, which need to be mastered if we want to reduce our fears.

Like other stones, Thulit is sold in the form of a stone alone, necklace, or bracelet that’s very nice looking.

Wrapping it up

Fear is an extremely unpleasant emotion, which is undoubtedly natural, but it has its limits. If low self-confidence and self-esteem are the main triggers of your fears, try one of these stones, which can be found in any crystal or gemstone store. However, if you feel that your fears are making your daily life very difficult or unbearable, contact a therapist or specialist to help you with this problem.

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