The Dark Side of Pisces Moon: Toxic & Negative Traits

dark side of pisces moon

I’m sure you have noticed how emotional and sensitive you can be and how you seem to absorb the energy of others like a sponge. That’s the Pisces Moon in you. This placement gives you deep intuition and imagination but also makes you prone to negative patterns.

As a fellow Pisces Moon, I get it. The world can definitely seem like an intense and rough place sometimes. But it isn’t always the world’s fault. Sometimes, it’s just how you’re looking at things inside that head of yours.

The Pisces Moon Sign

The Pisces moon sign gives you a dreamy and intuitive personality. Your imagination knows no bounds. You easily pick up the emotions of others and your environment. This makes you compassionate and able to relate to people from all walks of life. However, your porous emotional boundaries also make you prone to absorbing negative energy and manipulation.

You tend to see the world through your dreamy, pink-colored glasses. Your idealism and tendency to overlook flaws in people and situations can lead to disappointment and hurt when reality hits.

Your sensitivity also gives you a rich inner life, but it may be hard for you to articulate your complex feelings and intuitions. You tend to retreat into your own world when stressed.

The dark side of Pisces moon is escapism, delusion and self-pity. When things get tough, it’s really easy for our emotions to overwhelm us and want to escape reality. Drugs and alcohol are right there calling our name, promising to make us feel better. But you, Pisces moon, should know that’s just a temporary fix, and tomorrow, the problems will still be there.

The Toxic Traits of A Pisces Moon

If you have a Pisces moon, you’re intuitive, imaginative, and empathetic. But that sensitivity and idealism can turn into toxicity if left unchecked.

Victim Mentality

With a habit of avoiding responsibility, you may play the victim. Things just happen to you, and you feel powerless. But you have to stop blaming everyone else – at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can truly be responsible for your own life. I know it’s easier said than done, but you’d be a lot better off accepting that you have power over your own decisions and actions. Instead of making excuses, try stepping up to the plate from now on. Playing the victim is just going to hold you back.


As a Pisces Moon, escaping from reality and responsibilities is all too easy for you. Your dreamy and imaginative nature means you tend to get lost in your own world. Sometimes, this escapism manifests in harmful ways, like substance abuse or other addictions.


You’re prone to becoming dependent on anything that allows you to evade problems or numb difficult emotions. Drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling – whatever your “poison,” you can take it to an extreme. You may start using it as a way to relax and de-stress, but it quickly spirals into a crutch you can’t do without.

And sometimes, it’s not just substances you can get addicted to. You can even become addicted to a person. To the point where you can’t stop thinking about them, coming up with all these made-up scenarios in your head. And before you work up the courage to actually ask them out, you spend months, even years, just dreaming about them. Meanwhile, your real life is passing you by.


You rely heavily on others for validation and purpose. Learn to embrace alone time and develop your own interests. Say no when you need to, and don’t let guilt drive your decisions. And don’t be afraid to decline things that you don’t really want to do – don’t let guilt make you do stuff. Also, try not to wait for other people to make plans or decisions constantly. If you keep waiting around for others, you’ll never really progress in your own life.


It’s easy to get stuck feeling sorry for yourself when bad things happen. Living in the past and wallowing in negative emotions just isn’t it. It won’t change anything and will push people away from you. Don’t be so hard on yourself dawg, show some self love instead. Talk to yourself with kindness, think about what you’re good at, and be thankful for what you got. That’s the way to do you.

Overly Sensitive And Emotional

Pisces moons tend to be deeply emotional and empathetic. Their ability to feel intensely and connect with others on an emotional level is both a gift and a curse.

It’s like when you see a sad story on social media, you just can’t stop thinking about it. You’ll cry over it, and it’ll be all you can think about to the point where you can’t even fall asleep! You really have to remind yourself that you don’t need to take on all the world’s problems as your own.

Too Emotionally Reactive

Their sensitivity means they can be quick to react emotionally and take things too personally. The littlest criticism or offhand comment can wound a Pisces moon deeply and stay with them for a long time. They may dwell on perceived slights and hurts, replaying them in their mind and stirring up feelings of sadness or self-pity.

Pisces moons should be careful when they’re mad. Sometimes, it’s best just to take a breath and calm down before opening your mouth. When you’re angry, you might let something slip that pushes people away. The last thing you want is to say something you regret and lose friends or even a relationship over it. Best to wait until you aren’t seeing red anymore.

Difficulty Setting Boundaries

Pisces moons’ desire to please others and form deep connections can make it hard for them to establish healthy boundaries. They may have trouble saying no or calling out inappropriate behavior, fearful of conflict or rejection. This can open them up to being taken advantage of or enabling unhealthy relationships. Pisces moons would benefit from learning how to balance their compassion for others with care for themselves.

My Advice

If you’re a Pisces moon, don’t beat yourself up too much. We all have our dark sides. The main thing is being aware of yourself – know when you’re slipping into bad habits. If you start feeling off, make sure to ask some friends for help. Make sure to keep people around you who make you feel good about yourself, too. And most of all, you have to be nice to yourself! I know you want to help everyone, but it’s alright if you can’t save the whole world. You have to take care of number one first – that’s you!

Spread positivity 💕

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