The Myth of Centipedes As A Sign of Jealousy

centipede meaning jealousy

Ever notice those creepy crawly centipedes scurrying around and wonder why they always seem to show up when you’re feeling insecure in your relationship? There’s an old wives’ tale that says seeing centipedes is a sign that jealousy or distrust is lurking in your life.

Many people still believe that spotting one of these leggy bugs means your partner has wandering eyes or there’s another person trying to come between you two. But before you start interrogating your sweetheart over their whereabouts last night, let’s get real. Centipedes don’t care about your love life or inner turmoil. They’re just searching for their next meal or safe spot, oblivious to what’s going on in your world.

Here’s everything you need to know about centipedes and their association with jealousy.

The Origins of The Centipede Jealousy Myth

The myth that seeing centipedes means someone is jealous of you has been around for centuries. Where did this odd notion come from?

Ancient Folklore

Centipedes were viewed suspiciously in many early cultures. Some believed their many legs symbolized deception or evil. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, centipedes were thought to be jealous creatures. If one crawled into your home, it meant someone envious of you had sent it to do harm.

These beliefs spread from Asia to Europe and beyond. By the 1800s, spotting a centipede in America was seen as a sign you had an enemy jealous of your success or relationship. The more legs the centipede had, the more people were supposedly jealous of you.

They Have Many Legs

Another reason people associate centipedes with jealousy is that centipedes have many legs, and jealousy can be a persistent and persistent emotion that seems to have many “legs” that keep it going. Jealousy often arises from insecurity and a fear of loss, and it can then take on a life of its own as it feeds on itself through suspicion, distrust, and constant monitoring of the object of jealousy.

Like a centipede’s many legs that propel it forward relentlessly, jealousy can keep driving people forward in an unhealthy and destructive manner, causing them to make accusations, invade privacy, and smother the object of their jealousy in attempts to prevent any perceived loss. The centipede’s many legs are a physical manifestation of how jealousy seems to have many tentacles that keep grasping and pulling forward, even when a person may wish to let go of their jealous feelings.

Predatory Nature

Some believe that centipedes symbolize jealousy because of their predatory nature. Centipedes are voracious predators that lie in wait before ambushing their prey. They attack quickly and viciously, often injecting venom to subdue their victims. This predatory instinct and ability to overwhelm with sheer numbers can be seen as representing the insidious and overwhelming nature of jealousy. Jealous individuals often attack without provocation, driven by irrational feelings and emotions.

Like centipedes, jealousy can creep into relationships and situations without being noticed at first, but once it takes hold, it is difficult to escape from. The many legs of centipedes may also represent the many tentacles of jealousy that reach into all aspects of a person’s life – their thoughts, words, and actions – once jealousy has taken root.

So whether it is their predatory habits, venomous nature, or many legs, centipedes seem to embody characteristics that parallel how jealousy can develop and manifest within human beings.

However, centipedes do not mean jealousy or something that will make you jealous. In fact, it is just a myth or superstition. That’s just an old myth or superstition that people used to believe, but there’s no truth to it.

Reasons Why This Myth Persists

Many people still believe that seeing centipedes means that someone close to you is jealous or envious of you in some way. This myth has persisted for centuries and spread to many parts of the world, but there are a few reasons why it continues to endure:


The idea that centipedes symbolize jealousy has been passed down through generations. When we’re exposed to an idea from an early age, especially from family and community elders, we tend to accept it as truth without much questioning. This familiarity and repetition help perpetuate the myth.

Confirmation Bias

Once people believe the myth, they start to notice instances that seem to confirm it. You see a centipede and soon after have an argument with a friend, so you conclude it must be a sign of their envy. But in reality, the two events are unrelated. We tend to look for and believe experiences that validate what we already think is true.

Bottom Line

The idea that centipedes are a sign of jealousy or ill will is just an old myth that has been passed down through generations. When you see one of these creepy crawlers, don’t worry that someone has it out for you or is casting evil spells. Centipedes are just looking for food or shelter, not a way to physically attack you.

The meanings we assign to certain animals or events say more about human psychology and culture than anything supernatural. Don’t let silly superstitions stress you out – just grab a shoe and squash that centipede!

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