The No Contact Rule For A Pisces Man: Does It Work?

When it comes to winning back a Pisces man, the “no contact rule” is a powerful move. Cutting off contact might feel counterintuitive, but it often reignites desire and intrigue. In this article, we’ll explore how the no contact rule can work with a Pisces guy, timing strategies, reinitiating contact the right way, and signs he still cares. If you want that Pisces man back, going silent could speak volumes.

Understanding The “Astro Fish”

The Pisces guy lives in a dream world, often escaping the harsh realities of life through fantasy. This romantic and idealistic nature is part of his charm, but it also means his emotions run deep and his feelings get hurt easily.

If you’ve hurt your Pisces man’s feelings, expect that he will retreat into his dream world to lick his wounds. He needs time to process the emotional pain, reframe it in his mind, and come to terms with it. For this reason, the no contact rule – where you give him space by not calling, texting or running into him – can be very effective with a Pisces man after a breakup or argument.

During this period of no contact:

  • He will miss you, as Pisces men feel a strong emotional connection to their partners and the memories you’ve shared. The longer you stay away, the more sentimental he will become about the good times you had.
  • His anger and hurt feelings will soften. Pisces men do not hold onto resentment or negative feelings for long. Their natural empathy and compassion will return.
  • He will idealize you and the relationship again. Pisces men have a tendency to put their partners on a pedestal. With some distance, he will only remember the best parts of you and what you had.
  • His imagination will take over. The Pisces man’s dreams and fantasies about you will become more vivid and emotional. He won’t be able to get you out of his head.

When he contacts you again, to express how much he misses you, you’ll know the no-contact rule did its job. His heart has softened, his hurt feelings have healed, and his imagination has reminded him of the deep connection you share.

Using The No Contact Rule On A Pisces Guy

So you’ve decided to implement the no contact rule with your Pisces man. Wise choice – this tactic is highly effective with the Fish.

Pisces men crave connection and intimacy. By withdrawing from him completely, you’re giving him a dose of his own medicine. He’s left alone with his feelings for you, and trust me, his imagination will run wild.

  • Don’t call, text, or email him. Delete or mute him on all social media. The less opportunities he has to reach you, the more he’ll miss you.
  • Fill your time with friends, hobbies, and self-care. Post photos of you smiling and having a great time. When he sees how happy you are without him, his heart will ache to be part of your life again.
  • His intuition will tell him you’re pulling away. This will make him emotionally confused and anxious. He’ll start questioning why you went silent and will blame himself for driving you away.

After a few weeks, his longing for you will become unbearable. That’s when you’re likely to receive a heartfelt message from him, apologizing and asking for another chance. When he does reach out, don’t act too eager. Make him work to win you back. He’ll appreciate you more than ever before.

The no contact rule works like a charm on Pisces men. Stay strong, keep busy, and watch as he swims right back to you, unable to stay away from the one who got away. His heart will grow fonder in your absence, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be close to you again.

Making The No Contact Rule Work With A Pisces Man

To successfully implement the no contact rule with a Pisces man, you need to commit to it fully. Half-hearted efforts will only confuse him and prolong the process.

Stay busy and distracted. Fill your time with hobbies, friends, exercise, work, or whatever makes you happy. Idle time will only make you dwell on the past and weaken your resolve. Keep your mind occupied and the days will go by faster.

Don’t react if he reaches out. As a Pisces, he may test the waters to see if you’re still interested. Ignore any calls, texts, messages or run-ins. Do not engage or show any emotion. Remain aloof and detached. Your lack of reaction will speak louder than words.

Stay confident in your decision. Doubt is your enemy here. Remind yourself why you implemented no contact in the first place. Have faith that this rule works and time apart is what you both need. Don’t second guess yourself – stay strong and the benefits will come.

With consistency and determination, the no contact rule can be effective with a Pisces man. Stay committed to having no communication, keep busy, don’t react if he reaches out, and believe in your decision. In time, you’ll gain a new perspective and the strength to move forward. He will also come to realize what he’s lost, which may lead to reconciliation down the road – but first, stay silent and let the silence do the work for you.

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