Toxic Relationship Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Every human being desires to be loved and accepted unconditionally. That is why we enter into partnerships and do our utmost to create a harmonious partnership that will bring us the desired emotions and acceptance. The first moments of a new relationship can be beautiful, like a dream we dreamed every night before we fell asleep when we were single. However, it may happen that the beautiful chemistry between the two partners is replaced by toxicity.

toxic relationship signs

A toxic partner can be described as a modern vampire, who lives in our vicinity and unobtrusively sucks our energy. There is no precise definition of a toxic relationship, and it is difficult for many women to determine whether their partners occasionally show signs of toxicity or whether they are actually toxic and have a very bad effect on their lives.

However, there are several signs that you are living with a toxic person. Let’s see what they are.

Toxic communication

They get angry if you take a long time to reply to their message or pick up the phone. If you’re afraid your partner might start calling you or bombard you with messages when you go out with a friend for a while, or you prefer to turn off your phone, something is probably wrong. A relationship should give you good feelings and not negative emotions.

Such toxic vampires get angry if you don’t reply to their messages in a short while, or open their message but don’t reply. It’s a clear sign that you’re in a toxic relationship.

They are jealous of your best friend

Occasional and little jealousy can be cute and flattering, but if your partner makes unnecessary jealous scenes, it’s time to start doing something about this.

Such jealousy is a manifestation of a person who believes neither in himself nor in you, and your relationship will never be stable and peaceful.

toxic relationship signs

You have no personal freedom

If your partner wants to be with you all the time, know when, where and with whom you go, this is a clear sign that you’re in a toxic relationship. A relationship without trust and freedom is like an airplane without wings. A plane will never fly without wings and a relationship without trust and freedom will never work.

Your partner doesn’t always need to know all the details, nor does he need to be with you everywhere. Being alone for a moment and doing what you enjoy and fulfills you is very important, and it helps not only in personal development but also in developing a healthy relationship. Being alone for a while helps us clear our minds and realize things we wouldn’t otherwise have realized.

Manipulative behavior and threating

In healthy relationships, couples sometimes disagree and argue. However, when you are in a relationship in which a partner is abusing you, he uses hostility, aggression, and manipulation to have 100% control over you.

The toxic partner can either manipulate your behavior, that is, he will start telling you what you have to do and say, but also mentally, which means he will begin to manipulate your emotions. It often happens that some people do not realize that the partner is manipulating them until someone notifies them.

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