Rose Quartz: Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses & Chakra Balancing

Do you believe in the mysterious power of gemstones and crystals? According to some theories, these precious stones carry the power of Mother Earth itself, and when you choose the right one, you will enhance your spiritual qualities, health, success, and love.

rose quartz healing properties

If you want to promote love and heart matters, choose the rose quartz. It’s the best choice! Rose quartz belongs to universal crystals. It is a symbol of love, tenderness, beauty, sensitive and wise femininity, so it fits every woman or a man who wants to work on his sensitivity, emotions, relationships or love as such.

Symbol of Love, Sensitivity, and Femininity

Rose quartz is connected to the planet Venus, thus possessing female energy. In astrology terms, this crystal belongs to the signs of Taurus and Libra. It is no coincidence that both of these astrological signs symbolize beauty, tenderness, and art. This crystal belongs to the heart chakra, located in the chest area near the heart, and affects relationships, contact with people, empathy, the ability to give and receive love, and also to revive a love that loses a spark in a long-term relationship.

Rose quartz should not be missing in your bedroom as well. According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, it is ideal to place one stone in each corner of the room. It will encourage love and personal relationships, and bring more love to your house.

Rose quartz enhances our subtle vibrations, allowing a deeper perception of different kinds of art, especially music. rose quartz healing properties

Rose Quartz and Health

From the therapeutic point of view, rose quartz helps in long-term and psychosomatic diseases, infertility or impotence. It also affects the kidneys, heart, lungs, and liver. It is believed that rose quartz protects the heart from a heart attack. If you feel pain in a particular place on your body (it may not only be in the chest area), place rose quartz regularly to that place.

rose quartz healing properties

Rose quartz helps with sleep problems and should be placed near your head, either by the pillow or on a bedside table for a peaceful night’s sleep. If you are often nervous or in stressful situations, always carry rose quartz with you. In the case of nervousness or stress, it is recommended to hold one crystal in each hand and stay still for a while. Because of all these amazing benefits, it’s not surprising why rose quartz is one of the many highly recommended gemstones & crystals for sleep.

Cleansing and Charging

Generally, it is sufficient to wash this crystal once a week with lukewarm water. Rose quartz that has been used for treatment should be cleaned with lukewarm water after each use.

As for charging, we never charge rose quartz in direct sunlight, because it can lose color due to sunlight. It is better to keep them in the shade, and we can encourage their energy by placing them on amethyst or another purple gemstone.

How To Use Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most versatile healing crystals. Here are some ways you can use rose quartz to improve your quality of life:

  • As Jewelry: Wearing a rose quartz ring, earrings, or necklace can help you use this crystal conveniently anytime and anywhere. When you wear this crystal close to your heart, it becomes more potent, which helps in releasing tension and stress.
  • Under The Pillow: Placing rose quartz under your head pillow is a good idea if you want to attain a good night’s sleep. It encourages gentle dreams as it emits a positive vibration.
  • As A Home Décor: You can decorate your home with a rose quartz crystal by placing it on an altar to promote healing, peace, and compassion for your family.
  • As A Beauty Tool: Incorporate rose quartz in your beauty routine as a tool, such as a face roller, which helps release unwanted toxins and stress in your skin.
  • As A Ritual Tool: During prayer or meditation, you can hold a rose quartz crystal to calm your senses, allowing you to focus on your ritual.

Interesting fact at the end

Did you know that the ancient Romans and Egyptians used Rose Quartz to cleanse the skin and prevent wrinkles? The water in which the quartz crystals leached was drunk as a universal medicine.

There are a number of households in which there is a pitcher of drinking water in which a mixture of amethyst, crystal, and rose quartz is immersed. This water is of higher quality, more digestible, and tastier.

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