What Body Type Does The Aquarius Man Crave In A Woman?

what body type does aquarius man like

So you’ve got your eye on an Aquarius man? Lucky you, these guys are intelligent, innovative, and independent. But before you jump right in, you’re probably wondering what kind of girl would catch his eye physically.

Aquarians are a bit weird, and that’s what they look for in a girl. This guy wants someone who will keep him on his toes and join in all his spontaneous adventures. You can have curves or be slim, be tall or short. Aquarians will be more into your brain than your body.

Mind Over Body

The Aquarius man cares more about a woman’s mind than her physical attributes. He wants a partner who stimulates him intellectually. While he can appreciate a woman’s beauty, a dynamic personality and quick wit are far more likely to capture his attention.

He seeks out women who share his thirst for knowledge and zest for debate. His ideal match is a woman who isn’t afraid to challenge him and broaden his horizons.

You can look however beautiful you want, but without brain,s they’ll get bored real quick. They want someone they can solve puzzles with, you know? Like they want a partner in crime whom they can talk theories and mysteries with for hours. If you can go toe to toe with them in a deep discussion, about life and stuff, then you’ll totally catch their eye. Intelligence is what really matters to these guys in the long run.

Don’t get bogged down worrying about your looks or body type. Focus instead on expressing your intelligence, creativity, and independent spirit. Show off your quirky humor and passion for whatever weird and wonderful things interest you. The Aquarius man will find these qualities irresistible, no matter what package they come in.

Body Types He Prefers

The Aquarius man craves a woman who stands out from the crowd. If you want to catch his eye, a unique and quirky style is the way to go.

Tall And Willowy

Aquarius men tend to be attracted to taller, slim body types. He likes women who seem elegant and graceful. If you’re on the taller side with a slender build, you’re already ahead of the game. Play up your best assets by wearing tailored clothing that accentuates your silhouette.

Alternative Looks

He’s always been attracted to women who stand out from the crowd. There’s just something about a colorful hairstyle or unique fashion sense that catches his eye.

Tattoos, piercings, and vibrant hair dyes are signs she marches to her own rhythm. While others may see those things as unconventional, to him, they show she isn’t afraid to express herself. A stylish but funky wardrobe is another way she shows off her free spirit. Whether it’s vintage finds or one-of-a-kind pieces, her wardrobe reflects her bohemian flair.

Be Unconventional

To really catch an Aquarius’ eye, you need to show off your quirky side. Dig out some vintage clothes that no one else would wear, or put together an outfit that makes a bold statement. And don’t be afraid to proudly display the weird and wonderful things you’re into, even if other people might think they’re strange.

No Artificial Enhancements

The astrological water-bearer wants a woman who is naturally beautiful, without a lot of makeup, plastic surgery, or other artificial enhancements. This guy wants a girl who embraces her natural beauty. Take good care of your skin and hair, sure. Most guys can appreciate the effort ladies put in.

But you don’t need to change your face or add things to meet what magazines say is beautiful. Be yourself! That kind of artificial look isn’t really his style. A little mascara and lip gloss are fine, but avoid heavy makeup, hair extensions, breast implants or other major cosmetic procedures if you want to attract an Aquarius.

Laid-Back Style

In terms of clothing and style, Aquarius men like casual, comfortable and laid-back. They aren’t too concerned with wearing the hottest brands or following all the latest trends. An Aquarius would much prefer to see a woman in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt rather than some fancy dress that’s uncomfortable to wear. They want their partner to feel at ease.

Fancy clothes and expensive labels aren’t very important to an Aquarius man at all. He cares more about how you present yourself naturally rather than all the effort you put into your appearance. In fact, Aquarius men tend to find the most beauty in a person’s free spirit and personality rather than what they wear. As long as you feel comfortable, that’s what really matters most to him.

Brains Over Looks

Yes, physical attraction certainly plays a role, but an Aquarius guy will be most drawn to a woman who stimulates him mentally and spiritually. Rather than trying to be a certain “type,” just be your quirky, fun-loving self. Dare to be different and engage him in lively debates about your shared interests or visions for making the world a better place. That’s the real path to an Aquarius man’s heart.

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