What The Color Red Symbolizes In Tarot Card Readings

You’re flipping through your tarot cards and notice a lot of red. Maybe the suits are red, or there’s a lot of Major Arcana with the color. Either way, you know red is trying to get your attention. Red shows up for a reason in tarot readings. It brings messages of passion, action, aggression, or warnings.

The Meaning of The Color Red In Tarot

Red is definitely one of the more vivid colors you’ll see in tarot cards. It usually symbolizes passion, love, and taking the initiative to get things done. But it isn’t all sunshine and roses – red can also point to anger issues or the potential for danger down the line.

Passion And Love

Red symbolizes deep emotions like passion, love, and romance. If you draw a lot of red cards in a love reading, it indicates intense feelings and a vibrant connection with your partner. Cards like the Lovers, Two of Cups, or Page of Cups in red depict passion and intimacy.

Aggression And Action

Red also signifies aggression, conflict, and action. Cards like the Tower, Five of Wands, or Seven of Wands in red point to confrontation, competition, or fighting for what you want. Red encourages you to take action and make bold moves.

In A Health Reading

If you do a tarot reading about your health and see the color red, that means you’ve got vitality and vigor, you’re feeling lively and energetic. It could mean you’re recovering your health and energy – you’re being reborn to feel good again. Or it might be telling you to take action and start taking better care of yourself.

Red Symbolism In Major Arcana Cards

The color red is powerful in tarot readings, especially in the Major Arcana cards. It represents passion, love, aggression, and action.

The Lovers card, for example, often depicts a fiery, passionate connection between two people. When this card appears in a reading, it can signify a new romantic relationship filled with intensity and desire.

The Magician and the Empress also frequently feature the color red. The Magician represents action and power, while the Empress symbolizes creativity and fertility. If these cards come up, red is a sign that you need to tap into your personal power and passion to manifest your goals.

Some of the most impactful Major Arcana cards are the Wheel of Fortune and the Tower. When the Wheel of Fortune appears, red signifies that passion and chance encounters will spin your destiny in a new direction. The Tower, on the other hand, shows chaos and upheaval. Red here is a warning that reckless behavior or uncontrolled anger could lead to an abrupt end of a situation.

Potential Danger

Although red has many positive associations in tarot, it also represents danger. Pay attention when red appears in a reading, as it could highlight either your strongest passions or your deepest anger and aggressions.

That’s especially something to watch out for if you’re doing a reading focused on someone you have issues with, like an enemy or ex. A lot of red in that situation may signal a high level of anger between you, or that there could be trouble ahead.

Yes or No?

If you’re doing a tarot reading or asking the cards a yes or no question, the color red usually means yes, go for it. Red is a symbol of passion and taking the initiative. So, if you’re wondering whether you should tell someone how you feel, take a vacation, or apply for a new job, getting a lot of red in your reading is definitely a sign that the answer is yes. It’s saying you’ve got the green light and should take action.


The colors in tarot readings don’t always jump out at you. But if you notice a lot of red cards coming up, it’s probably telling you something. Red can mean love, sure. But it also represents aggression and danger. So, if red keeps popping up, take a step back and really think about what it might symbolize. Don’t just look at the cards themselves – think about what the color could be trying to tell you, too. Give it some thought as the colors are part of the message.

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