6 Tarot Cards That Mean Communication or Unexpected Text

You’ve probably had a psychic reading or two in your lifetime. Whether it’s catching up with an old friend, flirting with a new crush, hearing from someone from your past, or working on old hurts, there are a few cards (in upright position) that usually mean a conversation is coming your way.

The Lovers – Open And Honest Communication

The Lovers card represents open, honest and loving communication in a relationship. It signifies a meaningful connection and sharing between two people.

If this card shows up in a reading about communication, it’s a very positive sign. It means the lines of communication are wide open. Conversations flow freely and lovingly. There’s a willingness to listen with an open mind and understand each other. Any issues are discussed calmly and respectfully. Compromise comes easily.

Secrets and distrust are replaced by transparency and intimacy. The Lovers encourages you to stay focused on truly connecting by being fully present when interacting with your partner or friend.

If you’re currently separated from someone you love or going through twin flame separation, it seems like things might start looking up soon. This card means that you will find a way to meet in the middle or really improve how you talk to each other. Your relationship could totally get back on track once your communication gets better. In fact, you might even connect with this person on a whole new, deeper level once you two start being really honest with each other.

The Magician – Communicating Ideas And Manifesting

When the Magician appears in a reading related to communication, it’s a sign that you have the skills and ability to express yourself and make your ideas known. This card represents eloquence, persuasion, and charisma.

When it comes to dating, this tarot card is saying you really know how to work with words. You’ve got a way of talking to people that just draws them in. You understand the power of what you say and how to use it to really impress others.

Be careful what you say – the Magician card means your words can now come true. This card gives you the power to manifest your thoughts into reality.

The Magician encourages you to be a conduit for creative ideas and share them with the world. Communication is magical when you can articulate your thoughts with confidence and clarity.

The Sun – Joyful Communication And Connections

The Sun tarot card represents warmth, joy, and vitality in your communications and relationships. When this card appears, it signifies that lines of communication are open and connections are thriving. Conversations flow freely, and you find yourself engaged in meaningful interactions that boost your mood and energy levels. It’s a time of collaboration, bonding, and sharing with others.

If you’re doing a tarot card spread about somebody you like, the Sun card could mean your conversation with them will be really easy and fun. You’ll probably find you agree on a lot more than you disagree on. It’s possible, too, that the person you thought maybe had some anger towards you actually likes you back or never even had a bad thought about you at all.

This card also means you’ll get chances to make existing relationships stronger or meet new people who are really like you. It’s an optimistic card that says social things will go well for you.

The High Priestess – Unexpected Text or Secrets Revealed

The High Priestess, in a reading about communication, often represents an unexpected message or the revealing of secrets. She signifies intuition, mystery, and the subconscious.

You may receive a message from someone out of the blue that surprises you or reveals something you didn’t know before. There could be hidden layers of meaning in what is said that you have to tap into your intuition to decipher. The High Priestess encourages you to look beyond the surface level to understand the deeper truths.

Pay close attention to any dreams, synchronicities or gut feelings you have around this time as they may contain clues to help solve a mystery or gain insight into the situation. The High Priestess signifies the need to withdraw from the busyness of life to connect with your inner wisdom. Create space for silence and solitude so you can hear the whispers of your soul.

The secretive nature of the High Priestess means that not everything will be disclosed immediately. But patience and trust in the divine timing of events will reveal all in time. For now, open your mind to perceive the signs and symbols around you.

The Wheel of Fortune – Karmic Communication

The Wheel of Fortune represents destiny and the cycles of life. When this card appears in a reading about communication, it signifies karmic or fated interactions. You may connect with someone from your past, or a new relationship could feel meant to be. However, the wheel is always turning, so appreciate this connection while it lasts.

Conversations revolving around life transitions, crossroads or major turning points are also symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune. Discussing future possibilities, exploring new directions in life or seeking advice on important decisions would be appropriate discussions linked to this card. Since the wheel implies that change is inevitable, be open-minded to different perspectives and willing to accept what comes.

Though the Wheel of Fortune can bring unexpected twists of fate, maintaining an attitude of optimism and faith will help you navigate challenging talks. When this card turns up, destiny is at play in your communications. Go with the flow, speak your truth and make the most of the opportunities this karmic wheel may spin your way!

The Hierophant – Taking The “Orthodox Path”

When this card appears, it indicates the need for clear and thoughtful communication, especially in times of conflict. The Hierophant encourages using diplomacy, patience, and traditional values to resolve differences peacefully.

The Hierophant’s symbols – the crossed keys, the papal robes, and the seated pose – signify authority, tradition, and orthodoxy. The Hierophant represents established systems of belief and knowledge that have stood the test of time. These traditions provide guidance and wisdom that can help navigate life’s challenges.

So when the Hierophant appears during times of conflict, the message is to rely on communication, wisdom, and traditional values to resolve issues peacefully. Use patience and diplomacy to understand others’ perspectives and find common ground. Approach the situation with an open yet grounded mind, guided by principles that have endured. And remember, effective communication requires listening as much as speaking. It’s 50/50.

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