When The Chaser Moves On: How The Runner Really Feels

You thought you wanted space. You pushed them away again and again, determined to remain free and unattached. But now they’ve moved on, and suddenly, your heart aches at the realization of what you’ve lost. The tables have turned, and you never expected to feel this empty.

You find yourself wondering where they are, who they’re with, if they’re happy. A hollow feeling sinks into your gut when you imagine them giving to someone else the love you always rejected. Your dreams betray you with visions of their smile, and you wake covered in cold regret. The freedom you so desperately sought has now become a prison of your own making. You never believed you’d be the one feeling abandoned, but here you are, alone, hoping it’s not too late to undo your mistake.

Key Takeaways

  • Relief: They feel relieved because things were getting way too intense between them. The connection was just too much and they weren’t sure they could handle it.
  • Sadness and loss: They’re probably feeling pretty sad right now. Losing your constant company is definitely an adjustment. You used to be right there with them all the time – now suddenly you’re not, and that’s a big change they had to get used to.
  • Jealousy: When you leave, they get all jealous because they think you’re going to pay attention to someone else instead of them now. They’re super jealous and probably will try to contact you again after you’ve moved on to something new.

The Rollercoaster of Emotions When The Chaser Moves On

When you realize the twin flame chaser has finally moved on, it hits you like a ton of bricks. At first, you may feel relieved that the intensity and drama are over. But soon, the pangs of regret, jealousy, and longing start to creep in.

You wonder if you made a mistake letting them go. You start to miss the connection you once shared and the way they made you feel. The thought of them being with someone else makes you sick to your stomach.

You find yourself checking their social media more often, hoping for a sign they still think of you too. Some days you’re angry at them for giving up, other days you’re angry at yourself for pushing them away.

The ups and downs can be exhausting. You want them back, but know you have work to do on yourself first. This internal struggle is all part of the journey.

Though painful, this experience is helping you gain clarity on what you really want and the changes needed to make it work next time. Each day the longing and jealousy will fade a little more. And in time, you’ll start to move on too, using the lessons learned to find an even deeper love.


When the chaser finally moves on, the twin flame runner often feels a sense of relief. They know the chaser deserves so much more than what they were willing to offer. As much as it may have felt good to be pursued and wanted, deep down the runner knew the relationship wasn’t sustainable or healthy.

Now that the chaser has shifted their focus, the runner is freed from the guilt of not being able to give the chaser what they wanted and needed. The runner no longer has to worry about the chaser calling, texting or showing up unexpectedly. They can stop making excuses for why they’re unavailable or can’t commit.

Sadness And Loss

When you finally decide to move on from the runner, they are often filled with a sense of loss and sadness. After all, they took you for granted and assumed you’d always be there waiting in the wings. Now that you’ve walked away, the runner realizes what they’ve lost – your love, support, and companionship.

The runner may feel regret for how they treated you and sadness over the ending of your connection. They miss your presence in their life and the comfort of knowing you were there for them. The runner begins to appreciate the depth of your bond and how difficult it will be to find that kind of unconditional love and acceptance with someone else.

Though the runner initiated the separation, they still feel the pain of heartbreak and grief. They go through a mourning period where they must come to terms with the fact that you are no longer together. The runner reflects on the good times you shared and all the little things they miss about your relationship. They wonder if they made a mistake in letting you go so easily. The runner starts to truly value all that they had with you, though sadly a bit too late.

In time, the runner accepts the finality of your parting and begins the slow process of healing and moving on. But a part of them will always miss the love they once shared with you, their twin flame, and regret the way they pushed you out of their life.


Lastly, the runner may start to feel jealous. After all, you were devoted to them for so long, and now your attention and affection is directed elsewhere.

Even though the runner pushed you away and rejected your advances, they still craved your devotion on some level. Your runner may have taken comfort knowing you were still pining for them, still hoping they would come around. Now that the security blanket has been pulled away, it elicits feelings of envy and resentment in the runner.

They wonder who else has captured your interest and affection. The thought of you giving your love and passion to someone new ignites their jealousy. Your runner had grown accustomed to you always being there, always waiting in the wings for them. But you’ve moved on to greener pastures, and it’s a bitter pill for your twin flame to swallow.

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