Why A Dream About Losing Your Teeth Is A Positive Sign

Losing your teeth can be a traumatic experience, but a dream about losing your teeth can be a positive sign and an omen that good things are on the horizon.

No matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in, dreams about losing your teeth can be scary and unsettling, especially if you’re not used to having these kinds of dreams. I have a lot of experience with dreams about losing teeth, and I want to share them with you, along with three interpretations from ancient dream dictionaries.

So, what does losing a tooth in a dream mean, and why is it a positive sign?

teeth falling out dream good luck

I remember very vividly that my first dream about losing teeth was in my childhood, and immediately after waking up, I ran to my mom to ask her what it meant. I didn’t want to brush my teeth, or rather I was lazy, and this dream literally woke me up and made me realize, like a child, that I didn’t want to lose my teeth. And that wasn’t the only time I had a dream about losing my teeth!

In modern dream dictionaries, you can read that it means something negative, even death, but I was always successful, and my life bloomed when I had this dream. This made me think and start searching in old dream books, what teeth really mean in a dream, and why people associate them with death, illness, or failure.

Renewal or Rebirth

According to an ancient Polish dream dictionary, losing teeth means transformation, renewal, or rebirth. Illustratively, when you lose a tooth, another tooth can grow (in real life, it is only in childhood when we have baby teeth.) However, losing your teeth in dreams means that you will either go through some kind of cleansing or start living a new, better life.

Money and Good Luck

People often associate teeth dreams with bad luck, financial losses, or death in the Western world. However, ancient dream dictionaries and even some cultures believe falling teeth in a dream means good luck and money!

I can personally confirm this because every time I had such a dream, I received unexpected money or good news. If I told someone that I wanted to dream about losing my teeth often, they would probably shake their heads and think I was crazy. But this is a fact. Whenever I dream about losing my teeth or even one tooth, I receive money. I don’t understand it myself, and I can’t even explain it, but it is so.

dream about losing teeth

Regained Self-Confidence

Teeth are something that everyone notices when we are in contact with them. It is an important part of the human body that is not only used for biting or chewing but also as part of our image. Some people want to have the whitest teeth possible, while others prefer natural colors.

If you lose your teeth in a dream, it means that the way people were used to see you is changing. Either you change in appearance, or you change as a person overall. You are more confident and self-assured, or you are no longer the one who helped everyone but got nothing in return. You’ve probably reassessed your worth and realized that now is the time for people to value you more.

It’s a positive (and healthy) change for the better, which you have already done, or it is time to do it.

Final Words

The next time you dream about teeth falling out, write down the date you had this dream and watch what changes in your life. It is the best way to find out what your subconscious was telling you through this dream symbol.

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