Dreams About Teeth

Dreams about teeth are quite common and do not have a good reputation. For most of us, these dreams are traumatizing and make us feel fearful, but what does dreaming of teeth really mean? Does it predict bad news or is it just a superstition?

dreams about teeth falling out

Dreams about teeth usually mean something about our physical health. Whether you had a dream about losing your teeth, having them spoiled, rotten or decayed, all of these dreams are an important indicator of your health, a symbol of youth and vitality.

When you dream about losing your teeth, it is often a sign of loss of energy and vitality. You are not in shape or worried. It can also mean that you do not feel safe, that you are anxious or afraid to make important decisions. Loss of teeth in a dream can also mean that you have lost something essential in your life. When tooth loss is accompanied by bleeding, it means losing someone close or suddenly terminated friendship. When the teeth in your dream fall out as a result of injury or fall, this indicates that you have failed to achieve the goals you set yourself.

If the teeth are decayed, it may mean that you are not enjoying very good health. It is necessary to take into account the current situation when interpreting this kind of dream. Dreams of decayed teeth can also indicate that you are feeling shy or ashamed, or a situation that is getting worse and you can’t handle it. But it can also mean changes, whether positive or negative and a new beginning that will be preceded by some difficulties.

If you are toothless in a dream, it reflects your inability to achieve your goals.

When you have rotten teeth in your dream, you are going through a period of great concern. If you dream of someone repairing your teeth, it means you need help. If you accept it, you subconsciously agree that you have to work on yourself. If the teeth break because they are too fragile, it means emotional fragility.

If you have crooked teeth in your dream or grown so that it prevents you from speaking correctly, it means that you cannot make others listen or understand, or even dare to express yourself.

Yellow teeth are a sign of worry and stress that disrupts your peace of mind. When you brush your teeth in a dream, you fight to defend yourself. Very nice or golden teeth in a dream indicate wealth, false teeth mean that you could not see through someone, or you are not sure what their intentions are.

The dream of milk teeth tells you that you do not feel mature or ready enough for something. It can be buying a car, a wedding, or starting a family.

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