4 Reason Why You Keep Seeing 222 and 2222

You look at the clock, and the time reads 22:22. You pay at the store, and the bill amount is $22.20. You are sitting behind the wheel and see a car with a license plate containing 2222. At first, it may seem like a coincidence or a result of fatigue, but over time you slowly realize that there are too many numbers around you to still think it is just a pure chance.

You begin to think about how many number sequences are around you until one day, you stop believing in coincidence and start thinking about what these recurring numbers really mean. If you’ve never heard of angel numbers, it’s no wonder most of us attribute these numbers to chance. We’re shocked and don’t understand what that means.

Angel numbers are messages from the angelic realm that inform us or show us the right path. They are trying to reassure us, direct us to the right path, or tell us that the decision we want to make is the right one. Why do we keep seeing 222 or 2222?

#1 New fresh beginning

Paradoxically, the 2s often appear when we don’t feel that positive. Maybe you lost your job, had unexpected expenses, or experienced something that made your life more difficult.

This number is trying to calm you down and say that each end brings a new beginning. One door is closing, but the other is opening. Especially when you keep seeing this number, a new beginning is around the corner. Angels ask you through this number to have faith because a new beginning is in sight.

#2 Higher consciousness

The 2s often symbolizes the shift of your consciousness. Your mind is more open; you use your intuition more and feel the energy and vibrations around you.

The twos around you remind you to keep working on yourself and your higher self because there are a lot of negative influences all around you (negative news, distrust of people, envy) that would deprive you of this ability.

#3 The right decisions

If you are deciding on something, it may be buying a new house or car, moving somewhere, or ending a job, 2’s are often appearing to confirm that you are making the right decision.

Your angels want you to make the right decisions, but you are the only one with the ability to make decisions. Follow and listen to the signs around you as they guide you in the right direction.

#4 Soul caress

When you look around, you don’t see anyone. You feel lonely as if there was no one for you. These are hard times, and it’s even harder to think positively. When we are sad or afraid, we often overlook important things around us.

The angels are closer to you than ever, trying to calm you down and show that you are not alone. You might see 22:22 on the clock; an open book on page 222 will drop out of the shelf, and two small feathers will land in your lap. These are very important signs from the angelic realm, such as a small caress of the soul, a reminder that you are not alone.

You could also be seeing the 222 angel number after the death of a loved one. If that’s the case, I suggest reading this article.

You may even notice other angel signs, such as angel number 1212, 777, or a butterfly landing on you. Whatever it is, always remember that the universe has your back.

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Julianna F.

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