6 Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your Home

Negative thoughts, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, reluctance to eat. All of this can be caused by the negative energy in your house.

We can feel sad already in the morning after waking up, as well as in the evening before falling asleep. It can be difficult to get up from the bed and to fall asleep. You have come tired from work and the house is your nest where you want to relax, but whatever you do, your body and mind can’t relax.

If you feel sad, unwell or tired in your own home or apartment, it is not just a question of a bad day at work or a bad mood, but of the energy that surrounds your entire place where you live. And because you spend most of your time in your home, you are like a sponge that soaks up this energy.

How to get rid of negative energy in your house, apartment or office?

Let the air in

The first thing you need to do to let the negative energy leave the house is to let the air in. Open all windows wide open and let the air flow properly, although it may be freezing outside. New air is new energy your house literally longs for.

Repair or get rid of any broken items

Have you been going to fix the kitchen cabinet for a long time? It’s definitely not good for your home. Damaged things block the flow of energy and create negative vibrations. If you have something in your house that you don’t know how to fix, ask a professional for help. If it’s an old or unnecessary thing, don’t be afraid to throw it away. It will help clear the energy of your house.

If you have too many cups or plates that lie in your kitchen shelf and you don’t use them, you don’t have to throw them away. Give them to someone who needs them. You will do a good deed for yourself and others.

The power of salt

Have you ever heard that salt was as valuable as gold in ancient times? Salt has amazing effects in many ways; both in the kitchen and in magic. To maintain or attract positive energy to your home, pour a tablespoon of salt into each corner. Leave it there for two days, then vacuum it or sweep and throw it away.

Another great way to detoxify your home is to place a Himalayan salt lamp in the room where you spend most of your time. Salt lamps are beneficial for our health and home, do not require any special care, and are inexpensive.

Reach for the White Sage

The ritual burning of herbs and plant resins is characteristic of many cultures in the world. Native Americans had a special way to get rid of bad energy, which was burning a White Sage. The Latin name for Sage (Salvia) is derived from the word “heal” and except for healing, Sage also helps with brighter thinking and increased spiritual consciousness.

Place the Sage in an earthenware container (or something heat-resistant), light it for a while, and then extinguish it immediately to allow smoke to flow.

Cleaning (and not only on the surface)

There is a saying that says that the house or room where you live is a reflection of your soul. The more chaos or clutter you have in your home, the more chaos or insecurity in your soul. This is because some things absorb your physical and mental energy.

The best way to release energy in your house and therefore in your life is to sort out the things you don’t need and clean up all the dirt. What you should not forget is a mess that is not visible at first glance. Be sure to clean places such as behind the wardrobe, under the bed, or under the rug.

We recommend quality wipes for cleaning, and if you are not a fan of chemical cleaning products, try baking soda with water or vinegar, which not only cleans but also disinfects.

If you have dirty windows, clean them so that enough light flows into your house. If you have dirty walls, sweep all the cobwebs and paint the walls with clean color. Cleaning should never be stressful and should not make you feel obligated to do so, so take one day a week and clean the house gradually.

Crystals and stones

There are a number of crystals and stones that will help you remove the negative energy in your house and maintain that positive, wealth, love and harmony. If you want to rid your apartment or house of any negative energy and at the same time fill it with positive energy, be sure to deploy the crystal. The more pieces you use, the faster the process will be.

Another suitable stone is Citrine, which will bring prosperity and abundance to your home, or Rose Quartz, which will evoke an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and love. The stone, which also deserves special attention in this matter, is Hematite, which excellently groundes, strengthens positive energy and provides protection against all negative vibrations.

Not only do crystals and stones help to cleanse your house of bad energies, but they are also great decoration!

If you still feel that negative energy predominates in your house, ask an expert for help. The positive energy in your home is the foundation of harmonious and successful life.

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Julianna F.

The philosophy behind our blog is simple: think big and think positively. As Donald Trump once said, "You are going to think anyway, so think big." Life is too short to waste time on negative thoughts that weigh you down. We're here to infuse some joy and inspiration with a dash of astrology, numerology, and healthy living tips. Or really whatever pops into our heads! Follow us on Instagram

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